Bullet: as fast as you thought they’d be

Bullet for My Valentine
Sony Music Entertainment

These guys play really fast. Not Yngwie Malmsteen fast, but fast. Bullet fast.

Michael “Moose” Thomas can play the drums with such power and speed it actually baffles my mind. I can’t even think as fast as he plays. Lest we write him off as a speed-demon-sans-soul; I am obligated to say he knows when to use sheer power and save the speed.

Like most metal bands – the bass player gets the short shrift here. The machine gun guitars and the vocal pyrotechnics are what sells records and tee shirts so they get all the love. You never notice a good bass player – but you’d notice if he wasn’t there.

This is radio-friendly metal. The riffs are powerful and clean, but all taken from the handbook of horn-throwing-metal-cliches. The vocals range from gnarling to pained screaming. The drums are – break-neck perfection.

BFMV brought in Don Gilmore (Linkin Park and Good Charlotte) which seems reflected in the glossier restraints that lead singer Matt Tuck seems to strain against. There are moments where Tuck’s voice sounds like it is about to jump up out of his chest and run out of the room like a sci-fi creature from a dark dark place.

One of the best things about this band is that they just do what they do. They aren’t a cheesy hybrid trying to appeal to a wide demographic in order to sell records.

They are a heavy metal band. They play heavy metal music. They don’t apologize for it. They do what they do and – by all accounts are having the time of their life.

Stand Out Tracks
The Last Fight
Bittersweet Memories
Pretty on the Outside

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