No Life in Dead Country

Dead Country

Dead Country is not the worst group to put out a record this year. They might be the most boring and uninspired. They might be least creative in terms of range of musical diversity. They might even be the most pretentious with their odd Euro accents/affectations.

They may be all these things and more, but they surely aren’t the worst band to release a record this year. I am pretty sure of that.

I will say, though,  releasing an EP at this time in the arc of technology is just insulting to the audience – calling it “EP” is just too cool for school. With all the time and energy that goes into recording – why stop at four songs. Why not give your fans their money’s worth?

Specifically these four songs which sound so much alike that they might be the same song four times – only with (mostly) different words.

Dead Country does not lack basic musicality. They can play their instruments,  but all of the years of classes and practice can’t force soul into the fingertips. Either you have it – or you don’t. Dead Country – sadly – is lacking in that department.

Everything they do sounds like someone else – someone specific. Someone successful… ah… there is the rub. Perhaps their idea to guarantee success is to blend all of the most successful acts of the 1990s into one – throw in The Clash for good measure and hope for the best.

It didn’t happen. What resulted is four warmed-over songs that will be forgotten as quickly as they are heard by discerning music lovers.

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