Pure Power Pop Pervades Performance

We Are Scientists

We Are Scientists Barbara coverSometimes pure pop music is fun. Unassuming guitar licks that mollify rather than mystify can be a breath of fresh air. Sweet melodies with predictable harmonies can elevate a song from the shuffle to the must-play playlist.

We Are Scientists is a group of pop-maestros who have released a harmless – but thoughtful – collection of songs just in time for your barbecues and backyard parties.

If not taking themselves seriously was a competition WAS would be gold medal winners hands down. Their irreverence is cheeky, but accessible. It is quirky and silly without being insulting.

Their website (worth a visit) is filled with important items such as horse upholstery and a call for a remake of the 2002 cinematic dud “Scooby-Doo!” (They are calling for a “Doo-over.’)

The humor translates to the music – not that these are novelty songs, rather they are lightweight loves songs that turn the convention on its ear. For as humorous/irreverent  as the lyrics of these songs can be, the band takes their playing very seriously.

This ten song collection logs in at a hair over 30 minutes. While this might be cause for alarm – it does recall another pop band that recorded short songs and didn’t take themselves seriously.

Of course I am talking about The Monkees.

Seriously, treat yourself to a light splash of summer fun with some delicious pop music courtesy of We Are Scientists. This is one disc you won’t mind getting stuck in your stereo for a couple of weeks.

Stand Out Tracks
Rules Don’t Stop
Nice Guys
Break it Up

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