The Right Now is perfect for right now

The Right Now
Carry Me Home

Photo by Seth Thompson

The toughest part about writing this review is the knowledge that “Carry Me Home” will be put into the recreational rotation which means less listens. (A music writer’s work is never done.)

This deft-handed soulful collection of sweetness features the searing vocals of the too-young-for-her-voice Stefanie Berecz backed by a sextet of cats who know when to come get some and when to sit back and let Berecz have it all.

The Right Now has recorded a disc as timeless and relevant as anything you will hear this year. The blend of youthful exuberance and old school charm is intoxicating. Berecz knows how to tease every droplet of emotion out of every note from her perfect vocal presentation.

The Right Now is a Chicago-based band and what could be more fitting; a sexy, soulful city spawning a sexy and soulful band. These kids – and they are kids compared to most people playing music this nuanced and intricate – must have spent their formative years within earshot of Kingston Mines and the Green Mill. They have been inculcated with valuable musical knowledge and passion to share it.

Their ability to write compelling songs which are supported by seamless arrangements is just the beginning of what The Right Now can do. They deliver consistently through all ten songs on the album. There is not one note of filler on this disc.

“Carry Me Home” will be a record you will revisit as often as you can. You can play this music at a family party – on a date – or alone with a glass of bourbon and a good book.

“Doing Nothing” is my number one track of 2010 so far. Old school arrangement – roiling piano – Dusty Springfield backing vocals add up to more textures than Aunt Mary’s three bean salad at the summer barbecue.

Stand Out Tracks
Ain’t Going Back
Better Way to Live
Doing Nothing
Carry Me Home


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