This “Lemonade” not too tart – not too sweet

Lily Schaffer

Lily Schaffer LemondaHer voice is salty – sweet – easy on ears as honey on the tongue. Her name is Lilly Schaffer and her disc “Lemonade” is just what it sounds like – a little complex – a little delicious – and completely refreshing.

Schaffer comes out of the gate like a sepia chanteuse spinning her ancient musical yarns through her own neo-modern filter. By the end of “Lemonade” we are slowly seduced into the singer/songwriter world of the 21st century.

“Lemonade” is a collection of smart – well-crafted songs by this veteran of Chicago’s open mic scene. She explores the standard questions of love and identity – but does so with wit and warmth meted out carefully so as to not distract from the music.

Stand Out Tracks

Rubber Match
Everything You Read
The Sweetest Thing

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