Eyes Set to Kill my Eardrums

Eyes Set to Kill
Broken Frame
Break Silence Records

Eyes Set to Kill might be the prettiest band that I plan on ignoring for the rest of my music-loving life. In all honesty “Broken Frames” is so bad – so frustratingly unlistenable that my ears sent my brain some hate mail.

I have been writing about music longer than any of the ESTK kids have been alive and I don’t think I enjoyed an album less than “Broken Frames.” I get that maybe I am too old for “screamo” and that may be my fault, but I gotta be honest, if they would ease up on the scream and focus on good old fashioned hard rock – they might have something to offer that doesn’t repel listeners – listeners who really want to like them.

The artist known as Cisko – the screamer – seems to be trading power for volume and passion for his ability to swallow the microphone making whatever he is screaming about a moot point.

The frustration comes in when you hear Alexia Rodriguez sing – you actually feel like there is something to invest in. She brings an awkward little-girl-lost sweetness which is juxtaposed nicely over the instrumental elements of the band.

ESTK needs more Rodriguez and less Cisko.

In all fairness – I really might just be too old to see the lure of a node-busting-inaudible yelling where there should be singing.

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