A Must-Have: Little Big Town’s ‘The Reason Why’

Little Big Town
The Reason Why
Capitol Records Nashville
Release date: August 24, 2010

The Reason Why Drops August 24th off Capitol Records Nashville

The Platinum selling (1.5 million records) country group is back with their newest release The Reason Why off Capitol Records Nashville. The Reason Why will undoubtedly be another success under this Grammy nominated group that is celebrating their 10th anniversary this year.

This summer was a busy one for Little Big Town as they performed across the country with Sugarland prepping for The Reason Why’s release.  The album is filled with the classic country and bluegrass songs and the songs that make Karen jump out of her shower and sing into her phone.

Photo By James Minchin III

The album kicks off with the title track, “The Reason Why.”  Karen says, “It’s a love song.  We’re all in a good place in our lives right now. So I think it’s a sentiment that the four of us really share – ‘You’re the reason why I want to stay here all night.  You’re the reason why I get up in the morning.’ — Leading the record with such a happy moment, such a song of contentment seemed right.  Musically speaking, it was a little different.  Jimi and I are singing a duet within the band harmonies, and that was pretty interesting.  “The Reason Why” we do everything these days is for the music we’re making and for our families, and I think we just liked all that meant for leading off the record.”   It really has to be one of the strongest tracks off the album but it really is a tough call.  The album is like being a kid in the candy store and I am not sure which track I really want to listen to first.

Jimi Westbrook wrote the second track, “Runaway Train.”  It’s one of those songs that you crank up in your car and “never look back.”  “Runaway Train” is for all those who just need to get the heck out of Dodge!  Jimi said, “I feel like this one wrote itself.  It started with that acoustic groove that kicks the song off.  It felt like a runaway train.  There are elements that make me think about home too.   I had this picture in my head of this guy who, of course, sells his guitar to run off with the preacher’s daughter, which is a very small town kind of thing to do. It’s just this youthful story of spontaneity and living in the moment and being on the run.  From beginning to end, it’s on the edge of out of control, which is fun.”  I am going to have to agree with Jimi on the whole fun part of this track.

The album has its share of ballads such as “Kiss Goodbye” that features more of the quartet’s harmonies and “Shut Up Train” which Karen said, “We heard this song early on in the making of this record and kind of instantly knew we wanted to cut it.  When I grew up in Indiana, there was a large train crossing just a few miles away from us.  We were constantly going over those tracks, and you could always hear trains near our house.  So I understand this imagery a lot.  I just really thought it was a beautiful way to connect it to pain or a reminder of a painful moment or a lost love or just anything that you’re battling with in your head.  With the vocal, it’s me talking to another person or having a conversation in my head reflecting, and hopefully you get that.”

I think every album has the song about trying to get rid of the thing or most likely the person that’s not good for you and “Why oh Why” is that song on The Reason Why.

The catchiest and my utmost favorite track off the album is definitely “Little White Church.”  They take their fans back to some bluegrass roots.  Yet the element I was waiting for on the track was the singing in the “round.”.  Really though I am not complaining!  CMT and GAC have “Little White Church” in their video rotation but you can watch it below.  Karen said, “Little White Church” was birthed out of a discussion about some bluegrass records we love with call and response kind of moments.  I had that title written down for awhile.  The Chorus hit me in the shower, and I jumped out and sang it into my phone.  We all got together at Kimberly’s house that afternoon to finish writing it and had a ball laughing about this girl not taking her man’s ‘you know what’ anymore until he puts a ring on it. “

“All the Way Down,” “All Over Again,” and “Life Rolls On” are several feel good songs off the album.  They are about living in the moment, capturing those moments, and enjoying life.  We all forget at some point as to how life is way to short to be sitting around and not taking advantage of it.

The entire album doesn’t stray from the Little Big Town harmonies that made them who they are and well-known.  I wasn’t sure what to expect especially coming off their big album The Road to Here which was followed A Place to LandThe Reason Why is a well-rounded album with country flare, a dash of rock n roll, and handful of synchronized harmonies. In other words, a must-have!

Tracks to download:

The Reason Why
Runaway Train
Little White Church
All the Way Down
Ok you really should just get the entire album. I am not sure who I am fooling here. The entire album is worthy enough for purchase.

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