Kowalczyk rises from the ashes with “Alive”

Ed Kowalczyk
Soul Whisper Records

In a world full of Justins and Jasons and random onomatopoeia-named rappers, Ed Kowalczyk is a breath of old-school air. His name  is as no-nonsense as his approach to music. This is one rock and roller who lets the music do the talking.

A former member of the 90s stalwarts LIVE – Kowalczyk is no stranger to tight – lean music that has a deft touch wrapped around an emotional delivery.

The difference between LIVE (the band) and Kowalczyk on his own – is the music is much more personal and much more powerful culminating in more lasting impact than anything I have heard from him in the past.

There seems to be a theme of salvation running through this hungry collection of tunes that reflect Kowaczyk’s early musical sensibilities – but also highlight his personal growth – as well as his development as a songwriter.

There are moments of salvation that are so raw and visceral you almost feel as if whatever journey Kowalczyk made; he is bringing you along for the ride and together you will rise about the vagaries of this earth.

There are some Christian themes interwoven into the songs – but they can easily be interpreted in a variety of ways. That is to say if you listen close – you might be enlightened. If you listen to what is on the surface – you will hear lean muscular music juxtaposed over very sensitive lyrics.

“Alive” is a disc that will appeal to people who love music that strips away the pretentious sludge that is crowding the airwaves  and gets right down to the guitars and the drums and all things fundamental. Music that is timely and timeless at the same time. This is a powerful record.

Stand Out Tracks
The Great Beyond
Drink (Everlasting Love)
Soul Whispers

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