Second Dan Comes on Strong on Newest Release ‘Angeline’

Second Dan
Rola Pola Records
Out Now

Second Dan is:
Dan Rosen – Vocals, guitars
Adam Wolfe Lerner – Guitar
Sonny Ratcliff – Drums
Bobby McCullough – Bass

This really is the Second Dan. Their newest album Angeline is the follow-up album to their 2008 debut, Bringing Down Goliath. The new songs cut for Angeline were inspired by the ‘basements in Chicago and the streets of New Orleans’, but all the entire recording processes took place in Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York.

All the members were born and raised in different states and even countries bringing different influences into the band. “It (the different cultural upbringings) adds to the creative mix,” notes Dan Rosen, “Sonny is from South Virginia so he brings a bit of southern charm and sensibility to the band. Both he and Adam have definitely turned me on to more Americana music that I didn’t listen to growing up in Australia. Adam (born in New York) lives in Brooklyn so he is most up to the speed on the hipster bands coming out of that borough.”

They list the likes of Wilco, Radiohead, the Clash, and the Stones as influences. Those influences show is big ways on Angeline. As for the recording process, it is very “organic” for Second Dan. “Most of the songs were written with a more stripped back approach than our first album, Bringing Down Goliath,” Dan tells us, “I started most tracks on the acoustic guitar, though the song “Angeline” was started on the piano. We road-tested a lot of songs live at our local venue, the Rockwood Music Hall, so most of the songs had found their legs in front of an audience before we went into record them. We recorded the basic tracks live so we could capture that spirit in the album.”

Second Dan has garnered the attention of MTV and 3 of their songs have even hit the stations most popular shows like “The Hills” and “Life of Ryan.” They also opened for the Lemonheads when they played at New York’s Bowery Ballroom. If those two facts alone don’t get you to listen to Second Dan maybe you need to listen to a couple of songs off Angeline below.

Angeline is a well-groomed pop rock album from this New York group. The album has a very Beatles feel to it. Its tracks like “Wake Up” that has the fluid melodies that made the Beatles famous.

When a band has a song named for a girl you know it’s either a love song or one of revenge and hate. The title track, “Angeline”, is not a song of hate for a girl. Dan explains, “The song is about trying to win back love that you may have lost through your own indifference or stubbornness and at the same time, reflecting back and projecting forward. It is definitely a hopeful song.” Very nice…I was afraid I was going to have to rip Dan a new one.

What are Second Dan’s plans for the rest of 2010? Dan says, “More shows and promotion of Angeline and then start writing songs for the next album.”

Need to hear more from Second Dan? Check these sites out:

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