Casiokids Atop Electro-pop

Schubas Tavern – Chicago, IL

The Norwegian electro-poppers Casiokids seem fun to listen to, very radio friendly, although with previous pop divas creating their “own” electronic works, I am not sure mainstream America can appreciate the playful energy of Casiokids. The five-piece band littered the small Schubas venue with their various retro-wares and sent the packed room into their finest hipster-shuffle-dance until the end of the up-beat set. There was even an impromptu slide flute solo during one of the songs. The audience and band shared a moment of laughter after. I find it most appealing when the average concert-goer gets a short glimpse in the amount of happiness I’m not sure what brings people to concerts, but not to let go of inhibitions and dance.

Maybe the Casiokids’ new album isn’t hitting their previous fan base in the same way. I am largely unfamiliar with their older music, so I cannot really comment.

casio kids

The Casiokids presented a few new songs on this tour, but I did not know if they were in English or Norwegian. The interesting thing about bands from countries with their own native language is the music presented still hits home somewhere in our mind, proving a good tune can speak many languages.

Casiokids are pretty much done touring for the year with a show in California at the Filter’s Cultures Collide Festival and a few shows overseas. The band’s latest album, Topp stemning på lokal bar, is available now and comes with a few bonuses! Check out a few signature tracks below:


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