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Headbanger Hip Hop Hopeless?

Midwest Avengers
Headbanger Hip Hop

Midwest Avengers’ “Headbanger Hip Hop” might be the most amateur attempt at creating something that could have been epic – but ended up – well – flat and uninspired. The Missouri-based quintet seems to have wanted to blend hip hop and headbanger music to create a hybrid that would appeal to a wide audience.

In the opening cut “Headbanger Hip Hop” they repeat over and over that this is – in fact – Headbanger Hip Hop in case we – the listeners – weren’t quite sure what we were listening to.

What we are listening to is a lazy out-of-focus collection of songs that have nothing deeply rooted in either hip hop or headbanger music.

The hip hop element consists of beats that don’t pop as much a burp. They eschew the radio friendly dance beats for generic – unsteady – beats that existing a world somewhere between heavy rock and white sound.

The headbanger elements are just chugging along distorted guitars which, when needed, create a dark shroud of music for the dismal lyrics about the apocalypse and other misogynist fare.

There are a couple of pieces that shows the band has some chops – which makes you wonder why they recorded the other 11 pieces with such inattention to detail.

“Coldworld”  speaks of betrayal and recovery in a gloomy and dark – yet ironically elegant way. “Sometimes” just takes a deep unflinching look into the life of a man who (maybe)  realizes that this is as good as it is going to get and is not happy with it.

As someone who is not in favor of EPs – I suggest this might have been better as just a two song release, because they may not get a second chance to make a first impression.

Stand Out Track


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