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Young the Giant at Lincoln Hall

Young the Giant
Lincoln Hall – Chicago, IL
9/09/10 – Young the Giant out 10/26/10

Young the Giant at Lincoln Hall

Young the Giant quickly took the world wide web by storm- topping charts in just two days to create a viral fervor that could only be remedied by a 5-track EP (Shake My Hand). The young Californians are gearing up towards their first full length album which drops onto the digital world October 26, 2010. Now seems an exciting time as ever for the young musicians, jetting off to tour with Marina & the Diamonds before their major lp release- and hopefully a headlining tour in the near future. Young the Giant previously opened for Ghostland Observatory, The Whigs and Kings of Leon fresh out of high school. These twenty-somethings are doing something right and we like it.

Young the Giant at Lincoln HallYoung the Giant seemed to have a wicked time on stage as their obvious joy spread into the audience through several sneak peeks of the upcoming LP. Almost like a live listening party, the excitable crowd instantaneously became fans, and the breaks between songs were ripe with chatter of how familiar this young band sounds. The Californians did previously play under the name, The Jakes, for a short while. Maybe the addictive hooks and infectious scream-a-long choruses had something to do with it.

“My Body” exemplifies the best of Shake My Hand, a raucous rebel yell that sent all ages (but mostly those youngsters) at the packed venue into a near mosh-like dance. There is something that the (real) beach must do to musicians. Similar bands like Surfer Blood and Wavves capture the same spirit in different forms than Young the Giant, but there is a familiarity that catches your dancing feet right from the get-go. After finishing up their September tour headlining for Marina & the Diamonds, this band has plenty to look forward to and so does their fans. With a new album on the way, a possible tour and who knows what other surprises the fresh faces of Young the Giant have in store.

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Courtesy of Young the Giant:

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Photos by: McKenzie Gilliam

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