Beauty Bar Events & News

Beauty Bar Events & News

Beauty Bar ChicagoSeptember 19 – Demented Forever: An Ode to John Waters (free) Every 3rd Sunday of the month we turn the Beauty Bar over to a party that was made to be in our pastel, glittery, hairspray-y room – a full on celebration of Mr. Moustache, John Waters. Why? Well, the man said it best himself, “without obsession, life is nothing.” The party features a showing of a classic Waters film, this month it’s lesbian extravaganza “Desperate Living,” followed by DJs playing a soundtrack of dirty beats made famous by Waters’ twisted, cinematic mind. Think soul, late rockabilly, novelty songs, Tina Turner-before-she-waxed-the-‘stache, Stacey Q – you get the picture. Beehives optional.

September 22 – Windy City Soul Club presents Pearly Nights (free) The five-man Windy City Soul Club has been on a steady takeover of Chicago’s dusty-grooves scene, branching out past soul to incorporate classic Brit rock and pristine 60s pop. If you’re looking to shake a tail feather, do the boogaloo all night long and have the shingaling be your thing, look no further than this old timey-loving crew.

September 25 – Andy Rourke [The Smiths], Living Stereo, DJ Sans Souci hosted by Leahm & Lloyd (free before 10pm, $5) Yeah, we think the sun shines out of his behind, so? Once sacked from the Smiths over drug abuses, Rourke now lives in NYC and is a DJ on EastVillageRadio. He spins a wide variety of eclectic tunes from bands that he has worked with, bands that have joined him in various Manchester Vs. Cancer benefits and acts that carry the banner for new, exciting music. Mr. Rourke will be joined by Living Stereo and DJ Sans Souci – expect great music all night.

Follow the jump for a run-down of the schedule with the weekly 7-10 DJs, reoccurring parties and all of Beauty Bar’s special events:

09.13.10 ‘Cats in the Bag’ featuring DJ Rachel Hinsdale | Squish (live performance) (free)

09.14.10 Clayton Hauck presents ‘Tuesdays are Famous’ featuring Action/Adventure & Just Desserts (free)

09.15.10 Love Boat (free)

09.16.10 DJ Tess Kisner (7pm; free)

09.16.10 presents Digital Freshness featuring DJ Timbuck 2 | Hollywood Holt | DJ RTC 09.17.10 ‘No Future’ with DJ Kevin Smith (God Save the Queen) (7pm; free)

09.17.10 Moneypenny & UR Chicago present ‘Spandexxx’ featuring live sets by Mic Terror | Vic Mense | the20fours | DJ sets by Adulture | Moneypenny | visuals by Hey! Cliché! Video Club (free w/ RSVP, $5)09.18.10 ‘Transfusion’ featuring DJ Ryan Weinstein (free)

09.18.10 Best Coast (DJ Set) (free w/ RSVP, $5)

09.19.10 “Two With Water” reading (7pm)

09.19.10 ‘Demented Forever’

09.21.10 ‘Girls on the Run’ fundraiser (7pm)

09.22.10 Pearly Nights (free)

09.23.10 DJ Tess Kisner (7pm; free)

09.24.10 ‘No Future’ with DJ Kevin Smith (God Save the Queen) (7pm; free)

09.24.10 3 Dolla Holla featuring Disco Death Threat | Capcom | Brookah | photobooth by Glitter Guts | hosted by Perfect Kiss and Jimmy O (free before 11pm, $3)09.25.10 ‘Transfusion’ featuring DJ Ryan Weinstein (7pm; free)

09.25.10 Andy Rourke [The Smiths] | Living Stereo | DJ Sans Souci | hosted by Leahm & Lloyd (free before 10pm; $5)

09.26.10 ‘Team Karaoke Dance Party’ featuring DJ BSTARR

09.27.10 Acid Marshmallow presents Sky Limousine (live) | Teeadora (live) | DJ sets by DJ Sheng Ra Bert and DJ Ryan Chupik | visuals by Chelsey Hoff (free)

09.28.10 Clayton Hauck presents ‘Tuesdays are Famous’ (free)

09.29.10 ‘Leather Disco’ featuring !!! (Chk Chk Chk) DJs | DJs Jeremy Chrome (Clique Talk) & Ross Kelly (Brilliant Pebbles) (free w/RSVP, $3)

09.30.10 DJ Tess Kisner (7pm; free)

10.10.10 ‘Chocolate Sundays’

10.13.10 Victim of Time DJs (free)

10.15.10 DJ Frier Tuck & DJ Leslie Styles (free)

10.16.10 Prince VS Michael (9pm, $5)

10.17.10 ‘Team Karaoke Dance Party’ featuring DJ BSTARR

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