Chocolate Sundays Chicago. Oct 10. Drunken Spelling Bee! Hollywood Holt + Johnny Fonseca + Contra

Beauty Bar Poster

Yo, Chicago! Chocolate Sundays is back for another round! That’s right. One of Miami’s longest running weeklies returns to the Windy City this Sunday to take-over Beauty Bar once again. Not only do we have the home team on deck – Hollywood Holt and Johnny Fonseca – but we’ve also smuggled Contra (MIA/Spankrock/Santigold) from Miami for this momentous occasion.

Chicago, meet the world famous Chocolate Sundays Spelling Bee. It goes a little something like this: Spell a word correctly, take a shot of Jameson, repeat, watch your competitors crumble, claim your bar tab. It’s that easy. Losers, you’re still winning with $5 Happy Meals (PBR Tallboy and a shot of Jameson) or $10 Manicures and Absolute Martinis before midnight.

Other plans? Cancel. Work on Monday? Call in. Broke? Spell for shots.
No cover. No excuses. Every Second Sunday.

Presented by I am Your Villain

Beauty Bar
1444 W. Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL

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