Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time and Comedy Central invade New York Comic-Con October 9th, Ugly Americans, South Park

nick swardson pretend time

You may know Nick Swardson as a writer for Adam Sandler, or from movies like Grandma’s Boy or Blades of Glory, he’s even been a regular on Reno 911 as the recurring character of Terry.

Now, Nick Swardson has his own series Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time which is debuting on Comedy Central on October 12th. To celebrate the release Nick will be in NYC the weekend of October 8th – 10th attending a very special panel at the New York Comic-Con. Swardson will answer fan’s questions and you may even catch a sneak peek at the show. Each sketch is filtered through the absurd point-of-view of Swardson. Swardson takes the viewer into his goofy world through a series of sketches including the adventures of a jealous man whose mother left her estate to the family cat as well as sketches inspired by the Internet sensation “Gay Robot,” which follows the life of a gay robot and his fratboy friends. Swardson’s world of make-believe incorporates every reach of the imagination – from time travel accidents to a pirate crew’s unfortunately located treasure map. Get a taste of Nick with a sneak peek of the series, Q&A with Nick, and more.

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