Mutts Have Gone to the Dogs

The Mutts
The Tells of Parallels

There are moments when they sound like Frank Zappa’s back up band sans Zappa.

There are moments when they sound as confused as I am trying to figure out what – exactly is happening here.

“The Tells of Parallels” opens with a song called Terranaut which begins with a clip of a thought provoking poem before careening out of control into this growling grinding music that seems to something we’ve hard a million times before.

My first impression of the band was akin to the “bull-in-a-china-shop” syndrome as a result of their raucous – perhaps violent – assault on their instruments. It doesn’t take long to realize this is what they are passing off blues metal.

I won’t even go into how many levels of wrong it is to even try to blend blues with metal. This is to say nothing of the fact that “The Tells of Parallels” is neither blues nor is it metal. This is garage metal that owes more to Frank Zappa than to anything or anyone I have ever heard.

The third song on the disc Gone (Free) tries so heard to sound like Zappa – even the vocals seem to channel the icon.

If you go to the website you can download this collection of five songs for free – that might be paying a little too much. Just go by a Zappa disc and get the real deal.

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