Reel in this “Cast Off”

The Gentle Guest
Cast Off Your Human Form
Amble Down Records

One of the more interesting elements weaving through the music of The Gentle Guest is there is a whiff of Delta and dose of Americana – but somehow some old fashion punk-rock sensibilities slipped into the Petri dish.

Musically they come across with rolling guitars, plucky  mandolins, and the requisite creaky harmonies – but lyrically they bring a touch of mischief to the table.

“Cast Off Your Human Form” contains a dozen deceptively deft ditties charting the highs and lows in the life of a blue-collar Midwesterner. With the hardworking ethic that matches the people who inhabit their songs, “Cast Off Your Human Form” contains a dozen songs. Each one a nugget pulled from the pages of an old National Geographic magazine – sepia and soul.

Singer/guitarist Eric Rykal seems born to be playing and singing this style of music. His voice is perfectly plaintive – but not affected. He pulls the listener in with a near conversational tone as his voice dances across the notes – rather than pounding on them like so many young singers these days.

When they need to rock – the gentle Guest can roll. When they need to dial it back and pass the jug around, they are equally skilled.

“Cast Off Your Human Form” is a must for people who like fearless music that takes chances – and typically succeeds.

Stand Out Tracks
Laughing Bells
Who is Gonna Love You
Modern Gods

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