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Beauty Bar ChicagoOctober 16 – Prince Vs. Michael (9pm; $5)
If you’ve ever been asked to choose between the Beatles vs the Stones or Sabbath vs Zepplin, you know there are as many opinions as there are reasons behind the opinions, and on Saturday (10.16.10) at the Price vs. Michael Experience, you’ll have your allegiance tested in the funkiest way imaginable. Providing an opportunity to both rock with you (all night) and dig, if you will, this picture, Prince and associated artists will go toe-to-toe on the dance floor against Michael and the Jackson family. This face-off has swept the nation and always promises to be a dance marathon as DJs mix album cuts, remixes, rare tracks and classics in a true celebration of both artists.

October 17 – Ruby Hornet & Heineken present Raekwon [Wu-Tang Clan], Hollywood Holt, DJ Rude 1 (10pm; $5)
After presiding over the Sneaker Pimps event on Saturday at Logan Square Auditorium, Raekwon, “The Chef” will be making a once-in-forever trip over to our little Beauty Bar. If you’ve yet to check out the Beauty Bar, the place is no stadium and we’re encouraging people to arrive early to see the man, the myth, the legend in this intimate setting. Raekwon will be joined by resident DJ RTC (Ruby Hornet/Alphabet Boys), Hollywood Holt & DJ RUDE 1, kicking it all night with the RH crew at Beauty Bar.

Here is the run-down of the schedule with the weekly 7-10 DJs, reoccurring parties and all of Beauty Bar’s special events:

10.14.10 Beauty Beats featuring DJ Raboo | DJ Taytoo | Raj Mahal | Zainghis + Doc iLL | Hosted by MC Classick (free)

10.15.10 Anastasia Chatzka Fall/Winter 2010/11 Collection Fashion Show featuring the Strange Beauty Show Salon and DJ Kevin Smith (7pm; free)

10.15.10 ‘Style Fries” featuring DJ Frier Tuck & DJ Leslie Styles (free)

10.16.10 ‘Transfusion’ featuring DJ Ryan Weinstein (7pm; free)

10.16.10 Prince VS Michael (9pm, $5)

10.17.10 Ruby Hornet & Heineken present Raekwon [Wu-Tang Clan] | Hollywood Holt | DJ Rude 1 ($5)

10.18.10 Odd Obsession Movies Presents ‘Dancehall Bubbler’ with DJ Rad Brain (free)

10.19.10 ‘Timbuck2uesdays’ (9pm; free (RSVP), $5)

10.20.10 Pizza Pizza Wednesday featuring Strychnine (live) | The Sandlot (DJ set) [The Yolks] (free)

10.21.10 DJ Tess Kisner (7pm; free)

10.21.10 Ruby Hornet presents Digital Freshness

10.22.10 ‘No Future’ with DJ Kevin Smith (7pm; free)

10.22.10 ‘3 Dolla Holla’ featuring Brookah | Disco Death Threat | Kid Color (Free (RSVP), $3)

10.23.10 ‘Transfusion’ featuring DJ Ryan Weinstein (7pm; free)

10.23.10 Stic of the Week presents DJ sets from Gemini Club | Derek Nelson | California Wives | Pretty Good Dance Moves (free)

10.24.10 ‘Demented Forever’ DJ Teen Witch featuring a screening of “Hairspray” (free)

10.25.10 Acid Marshmallow presents DJ Ryan Chupick | DJ Geoff Eisler | Sunglasses (live) | Red.Electric.Rainbow (live) (free)

10.26.10 ‘Timbuck2uesdays’ (9pm; free (RSVP), $5)

10.27.10 Pizza Pizza Wednesday featuring Half Rats (live) | DJ Spike & Laura (free)

10.28.10 DJ Tess Kisner (7pm; free)

10.28.10 Dead Hand Control Tour featuring Free Moral Agents | 2Mex (Free (RSVP), $5)10.29.10 ‘No Future’ with DJ Kevin Smith (7pm; free)

10.29.10 ALARMpress, Moneypenny & UR Chicago & vitaminwater present ‘Spandexxx’ featuring Penguin Prison (live) | Hey Champ (live) | Mr. Joshuas (DJ) | Moneypenny (DJ) | scary makeup by Rachel Olin Cable, photobooth by Photobooth Express (9pm; Free (RSVP), $5)

10.30.10 Team Karaoke Halloween Costume & Dance Party hosted by DJ BSTARR | Kid Color | Codebreaker (live) (9pm; Free (RSVP), $3)

10.31.10 ‘Die Tonight’

11.01.10 ‘Staff Infection’ featuring DJs Red Ryder & Baby Magdalene (free)

11.02.10 Timbuck2uesdays (Free (RSVP), $5)

11.03.10 Avant Trill presents XOTH (free)

11.04.10 DJ Tess Kisner (7pm; free)

11.06.10 ‘Transfusion’ featuring DJ Ryan Weinstein (7pm; free)

11.07.10 ‘Get Bummed’ featuring DJ bradiy (free)

11.08.10 ‘Cats in the Bag’ with DJ Rachel featuring Easy Prey (free)

11.09.10 Timbuck2uesdays (Free (RSVP), $5)

11.10.10 Victim of Time DJs featuring live performance by Outer Minds (10pm)

11.11.10 DJ Tess Kisner (7pm; free)

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