Miike Snow As Of “Late”, In Photos

Miike Snow
The Riviera – Chicago, IL

As 2011 readily approaches, artists are quickly churning out tracks, EPs, LPs, deluxe or B-side albums or even a re-mix of their dust covered singles.

Not Miike Snow.

The trio literally behind the masks of the Sweedish electro-pop band have been riding the success of their self-titled album, Miike Snow for more than a year now. The only hint of something new came from the April release of a “deluxe” version of the eponymous album. Adding two new singles and a few remixes you did not mix should not count as a “deluxe” album. Did Lady Gaga inspire other major artists to capitalize on re-releasing the same material for more money?

Dear Miike Snow(s), your fans can appreciate an EP or single release, we are not completely heartless. But, I digress…

A little more than six months ago I got the chance to see Miike Snow for the first time. They played a stellar show at the Metro which was packed with fans still gripped by their debut album. Those fans were no longer hanging on to “Black & Blue” or – they were down the street at the Metro seeing Neon Indian…

Featured at more than 10 festivals across the world- including Coachella and Glastonbery and a demanding tour just might be draining Miike Snow (the album) of its last. With all the fantastic music released this summer, how else could Miike Snow stay on the top of the scene?

While I still jam to “Animal” every now and then, the lack of new material is yawn inducing.

Oh, okay. Andrew Wyatt is featured on Mark Ronson’s Record Collection (“Somebody To Love Me”), then Mr. Ronson re-mixed “Animal.” Is it upsetting that I find the last two tracks more about Mark Ronson than the Miike Snow gang? The “Animal” remix just reminds me of a time when the lyrics of the hit single were still on my mind.
Sure, I get it.  Miike Snow’s been touring extensively, but their growing fan base might appreciate the scent of a new jam.

The set was much of the same as their show back in April (and from what I hear, even earlier than that.) It looks like they took advice on their last show to come back out for a few more surprises including a cover of “The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance” by Vampire Weekend… A song that has been covered to indie death. Me? I have a preference for “Blake’s Got A New Face,” though I’m admittedly partial to the title.

I love that Miike Snow is still doing well, but new material would help push Miike Snow into something still current and not “that radio hit last year.”



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