Serj Tankian to host Headbangers Ball Monday 10/18

Serj Tankian will guest host a new episode of MTV2’s Headbangers Ball on Monday October 18th at 3AM (technically October 19th). The episode will focus on video’s from Tankian’s solo career, his time in System of a Down, and a mix of current Metal videos.

On Monday, Serj checked in with talk show host Tavis Smiley to talk about his political stance, the FCC, and his new album, Imperfect Harmonies. The full length interview can be seen here:

Serj is looking for fans to create their own Imperfect Harmonies for a special grand prize! Fans must submit a painting of their interpretation of the album cover. 1 grand prize winner will receive an autographed version of the winning creation and custom framed. The grand prize also includes a three panel panoramic of the album art (each measuring 4’x4’), and a Serj Tankian hoodie. 4 runners up will receive an autographed version of your painting and a Serj hoodie. To find out more information on about the Imperfect Harmonies contest,

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