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    Anthrax Steals the Show in Milwaukee

    The Rave – Milwaukee, WI

    Anthrax is (for the moment):

    Scott Ian – rhythm guitars, backing vocals (1981–present)
    Charlie Benante – drums, percussion (1983–present)
    Joey Belladonna – lead vocals (1984–1992, 2005–2007, 2010–present)
    Frank Bello – bass, backing vocals (1984–2004, 2005–present)
    Rob Caggiano – lead guitars (2001–2005, 2007–present)

    This fall’s Jägermeister Tour featured Anthrax, Megadeth, and Slayer, and I’ll tell you, I’ve never seen the Rave so packed. The Rave was completely sold-out and everyone was smashed like sardines.

    This was my first time seeing Anthrax live. I have been waiting since 1996 to see these guys, and I don’t have an excuse as to why it’s taken this long. While everyone was yelling for Slayer, little old me, couldn’t wait to see Scott, Charlie, Frank, Joey, and even Rob.

    I may be a tad bit bias here, but Anthrax really stole the night. It very well could have been the fact that the  original line-up (minus Dan, thanks commenters) was onstage and then there was Rob Caggiano  on guitar. Rob is truly talented not just onstage, but has made a name for himself in the production realm as well. As for frontmen, Anthrax sure has had their fill of drama, but it was incredible to see the originals back together once again.

    All of the guys were filled with piss and vinegar and owned the stage. The crowd loved it, and Scott even remarked, “We’ll never fucking die!” This was also a bit of a milestone for Anthrax. Scott also mentioned that the first time they played in Milwaukee at the Rave was back in 1984. Yeah, do the math that was a long time ago!  Joey even graced the stage with a full Indian headdress for “Indians.”  Is it completely politically correct? I am not one to judge because the costume fit he song and the crowd ate it up! I imagine no one at the show would complain considering most were inebriated.Anthrax Milwaukee rave 29

    Some of the songs in the set:

    Caught in a Mosh
    Thrashing Mad
    I am the Law

    Noticeably missing were some of my favorites of Volume 8. I can understand why they wouldn’t be played, but they were sorely missed especially since moving back to Illinois from Cali and losing my entire catalog of Beatles and Anthrax albums. *sadness*

    They have a couple dates left before they leave the US. Check them out!

    View Anthrax tour dates from Eventful

    Click on Thumbnails to enlarge photos:

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    1. Clay says:

      Great write up and excellent photos. I probably stepped on your toes in the photo pit a few times as I was shooting there as well.

      Just to clarify…when you say, “…that the entire original line-up was onstage and Rob Caggiano as well.” that’s not quite the case. The entire original lineup would have included Dan Spitz (lead guitar).

      I do agree though that the guys stole the show. It was an amazing performance all around.

    2. Dana White says:

      I saw this show in Louisville, KY, and Anthrax were definitely my favorite band of the night as well. I wasn’t the least bit disappointed that they didn’t play anything from the years with John Bush, although it would’ve been interesting to hear Joey sing them.

    3. David McCoy says:

      Great stuff… Antisocial is awesome live, would so love to hear ’em playing “Starting up a posse” live, smooth and hot ‘n heavy !

    4. GlenW says:

      Nice review. Great pictures. I wanted to see them in Houston, but when I found out Anthrax was only allowed 40 minutes, I passed. Not paying $75 for that show. I already saw Megadeth this year, and I’m not that big of a Slayer fan.

    5. @clay: I remember you! You got me…Dan…yeah…I really like Rob. It’s original enough for me. ;)

    6. Old School Thrasher says:

      If you’re going to correct him for posting the “original” lineup wrong, maybe you should try to get it right yourself. Neil Turbin sang and Danny Lilker played bass on Fistful of Metal. The lineup the two of you are referring to is the most well-known (despite that it only lasted through 3 studio albums), but not the original. In fact, the FoM lineup isn’t really the “original” lineup, either – they went through several lineup changes when they were forming.

    7. @Old School Thrasher: I’d like to make a correction on your statement above….I have a set of breasts and a vagina. I thought maybe the name Jessica would give it away, but what do I know except all of my parts are original members and make me a woman. #NOTAGUY

    8. Brian says:

      Nice write up and Photos!! I was also one of those fans packed in the Ballroom!! Got there late and missed the first few songs :( Just one little correction though, 1984 was the FIRST time they had been there not the last. I have seen them there numerous times!!!!

    9. Matt says:

      Great stuff, but you clearly didn’t stick around for Slayer. Anthrax was okay, but Slayer f***ing destroyed!!!

    10. wohsnikufecin says:

      Saw the show in Houston and from someone who has seen Anthrax many times, I can honestly say “JOEY RULES.” Not putting down John Bush, but that ain’t Anthrax(Joey did a fair job on Bush’s “Only”). Was not gonna miss this show no matter what. Megadeth kicked ass and Slayer……..well they slayed!!!

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