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Behind the Sun

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Perhaps the most confusing record I have played in years, “Behind the Sun” is a one-hour paradox of progressive metal and hard rock. There are moments of epic power balanced out by moments of lackluster cliche. Don’t even get me started with the lyrics.

The first time I heard the disc by the Israeli quartet – I was completely unfazed. While the musicians are all extremely talented – and the recording quality is top shelf, there was nothing that made me want to listen again.

It is my job to listen again and I was surprised to find out that there were some really enjoyable musical moments. It remains a confusing album with regard to how they move between dull and dynamite so easily (and frequently) but some of the dynamite is worth it.

Vocalist Gad Erez has all the trappings of metal/hard rock singer but none of the affectations often associated with the role. He brings full-throated power – has a solid grasp on tension and release and leads the music to enjoyable and logical conclusions.

Saar Gur plays a wide variety of styles of drumming thinly veiled under ghe harder veneer from he wants to burst loose. When he does burst out it is controlled chaos to get even the most jaded banger banging his (or her) head.

“Behind the  Sun” is not the best of its genre, but well worth a listen.

Stand Out Tracks
Sour Days
October ‘77

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    The album can be streamed in its entirety at:

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