Santah is coming to town

White Noise Bed

They’re young. They’re passionate. They’re from downstate Illinois. What more can you ask from a quintet who plays live with strangely controlled energy – then finds a way to channel that energy into the recording studio.

They are Santah.

One of the most difficult elements about working in a recording studio is that the energy has to be – in most cases – manufactured. You don’t have an audience feeding you and the electricity in the room is AC/DC.

Santah – on their disc “White Noise Bed” – delivers a stark yet satisfying sound crackling with youthful exuberance and songwriting beyond their years. They are never at a loss for energy.

There are times when you almost think you are listening to the sequel to Bobby Bare, Jr.’s 2002 release “The Young Criminals Starvation League” or perhaps Bare’s disc is outtakes from “White Noise Bed.”

Stanton McConnell’s vocals share Bare’s low and lonesome sound although there is hope nibbling around the edges of McConnell’s voice giving it extra dimension.

The soundscapes that support him are multi-textured and – while there is a specific style that is their own –they are not afraid to try new things – new textures such as the mellow-bluesy cut “Merry Ann.”

Santah is currently touring like their very life depends on it. If they come to (or near) your town, check them out. Catch their exuberance. Catch their passion. Catch their “White Noise Bed.”

Stand Out Tracks

Irish Wristwatch
White Noise Bed
Merry Ann
Neighbors and Cousins

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