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With events booked daily the Beauty Bar,are spotlighting some of their upcoming events.

October 28 – Dead Hand Control Tour featuring Free Moral Agents, 2Mex, Raj Mahal (Free w/ RSVP, $5)

Since the opening of the Beauty Bar oh so many months ago, we’ve put a lot of time and effort into making the live sound match the quality of what we try to present over here at the Empty Bottle. We’re so happy with the way live music is sounding over there that we’re pleased to present Free Moral Agents next Thursday. The brainchild of keyboard wizard Ikey Owens of the Mars Volta, Free Moral Agents have been described as sounding like Bjork singing to a Mars Volta track. The band has a newly released LP, Control This, and the Long Beach, CA-based collective has recently signed to the excellent Chocolate Industries who plan to release a new 10” featuring remixes from Tony Allen. They’re joined on the Dead Hand Control tour by 2Mex, a man with over 35 CD releases in his catalogue, and Raj Mahal.

October 30 – Team Karaoke Halloween Costume & Dance party hosted by BSTARR with Kid Color and a live performance from Codebreaker (Free w/ RSVP, $3)

I’m hoping that someone somewhere has made a Karaoke version of my favorite Halloween jam ( , but even if there is no Werewolf Bar Mitzvah, this Team Karaoke Halloween Party is sure to be sufficiently spooky, scary for the Saturday of Halloween weekend. There is a hosted Svedka Bar from 9-10pm (free booze!), there will be makeup and hairstylists offering Halloween makeovers (free eyeliner!) and a Costume contest (free vampire teeth!). Codebreaker performs live and DJ BSTARR and Kid Color will be spinning the best in Vincent Price dance music all night long.

Follow the jump for a run down with the weekly 7-10 DJs, reoccurring parties and all of Beauty Bar’s special events.

10.21.10 DJ Tess Kisner (7pm; free)

10.21.10 Ruby Hornet presents Digital Freshness featuring Esquire | Chief Rocka | DJ RTC | Mthien (acoustic) (free)

10.22.10 ‘No Future’ with DJ Kevin Smith (7pm; free)

10.22.10 ‘3 Dolla Holla’ featuring Brookah | Disco Death Threat | Kid Color (Free (RSVP), $3)

10.23.10 ‘Transfusion’ featuring DJ Ryan Weinstein (7pm; free)

10.23.10 Stic of the Week presents DJ sets from Gemini Club | Derek Nelson | California Wives | Pretty Good Dance Moves (free)

10.24.10 ‘Demented Forever’ featuring DJ Teen Witch plus a screening of “Hairspray” (free)

10.25.10 Acid Marshmallow presents DJ Ryan Chupick | DJ Geoff Eisler | Sunglasses (live) | Red.Electric.Rainbow (live) (free)

10.26.10 ‘Timbuck2uesdays’ (9pm; free (RSVP), $5)

10.27.10 Pizza Pizza Wednesday featuring Half Rats (live) | DJ Spike & Laura (free)

10.28.10 DJ Tess Kisner (7pm; free)

10.28.10 Dead Hand Control Tour featuring Free Moral Agents | 2Mex | Raj Mahal (Free (RSVP), $5)

10.29.10 ‘No Future’ with DJ Kevin Smith (7pm; free)

10.29.10 ALARMpress, Moneypenny & UR Chicago & vitaminwater present ‘Spandexxx’ featuring Penguin Prison (live) | Hey Champ (live) | Mr. Joshuas (DJ) | Moneypenny (DJ) | scary makeup by Rachel Olin Cable, photobooth by Photobooth Express (9pm; Free (RSVP), $5)

10.30.10 Team Karaoke Halloween Costume & Dance Party hosted by DJ BSTARR | Kid Color | Codebreaker (live) (9pm; Free (RSVP), $3)

10.31.10 Die Tonight Halloween Hell House featuring guest DJs Les Trois Stooges and resident DJs Heaven Malone | Dark Wave Disco | Midnight Conspiracy | Hosts Dom & Mandi of Porn & Chicken Dance Party | photobooth by Glitterguts (9pm; free before 11pm; $5)

11.01.10 ‘Staff Infection’ featuring DJs Red Ryder & Baby Magdalene (free)

11.02.10 Timbuck2uesdays (Free (RSVP), $5)

11.03.10 Avant Trill presents XOTH featuring Ross Kelly & Jeremy Chrone | Bastardgeist (live) (free)

11.04.10 DJ Tess Kisner (7pm; free)

11.05.10 Cool Timez with the Dirty Diamonds (DJ set)

11.06.10 ‘Transfusion’ featuring DJ Ryan Weinstein (7pm; free)

11.07.10 ‘Get Bummed’ featuring DJ bradiy (free)

11.08.10 ‘Cats in the Bag’ with DJ Rachel featuring Easy Prey (free)

11.09.10 Timbuck2uesdays (Free (RSVP), $5)

11.10.10 Victim of Time DJs featuring live performance by Outer Minds (10pm)

11.11.10 DJ Tess Kisner (7pm; free)

11.13.10 ‘Transfusion’ featuring DJ Ryan Weinstein (7pm; free)

11.16.10 Timbuck2uesdays (Free (RSVP), $5)

11.18.10 DJ Tess Kisner (7pm; free)

11.20.10 ‘Transfusion’ featuring DJ Ryan Weinstein (7pm; free)

11.22.10 Acid Marshmallow (free)

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