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Kings of Leon
Come Around Sundown
RCA Records
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Come Around Sundown OUT NOW!

Kings of Leon is one of those bands that never made a blip on my radar.  Its not for any particular reason, I guess no one in my social circle has never stated a strong case for them. So I go into this with fresh ears.

Come Around Sundown, the band’s fifth studio album open with what can only be described as a stadium rock anthem, which isn’t always a bad thing.  There is a reason why the 80’s were full of bands playing big epic sized arenas.  Communal lyrics and catchy chorus-refrains are great when large masses of people are together watching and overpowering the band on stage, but this is not a show I’m reviewing, it’s an album and a lot of that fantasy is lost but not completely.

Kings of Leon are a great group of musicians; they’re still able to churn out a great country-rock song alongside their broader epic love ballads.  Their sound on Come Around Sundown is definitely diverse, from imagining them playing in front of a thousand people to singing a catchy little country-folk tune on your pick-up truck. Back Down South is that song, it’s simple, and fun, but placed with their other tracks it almost doesn’t seem like its coming from the same group of guys.  I understand why they decided to place all their different experiments in other genres on one album, but instead of giving it that balance they just left the scale a little uneven.

The album is worth at least one listen through, if you can get past the mental image of a swarm of people singing along with the band while they perform live then they’ve succeeded.  The album has its charming moment, with their more down-to-earth tracks but they’re too far in between, personally.  Nothing new nor exciting it being done here.

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  1. I have to agree – I liked “Radioactive”, but otherwise I thought the rest of the album was pretty boring.

  2. Arielle says:

    I love the album! The Come Around Sundown interviews are on their website…

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