Kim Kardashian Sings?

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has millions of adoring fans that follow her in the tabloids, on TV, and Twitter. She’s done everything from perfumes, Playboy, runways, Pussycat Dolls shows, and yes, the sex tape. I hate to bring that last one up, but it is what it is. So was it a complete surprise when the world heard that Kim is going into the studio to record an album? For me it was and here’s why.

UPDATE after the jump…

Why music? I watched several seasons of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” to figure out what the Kardashian sisters were all about. At that point I was only reading the press and hadn’t watched a single episode of their show. If you just read the press, like I was, you may think that the girls are another group of talentless socialites that just like to drink, snort anything they can, and spend mom and dad’s money. After watching just a single season I give Khloe and Kourtney mega props for working in their own store, Dash. I’d like to call it retail hell. I never did see Kim work the store often. I only saw her unpack new shipments. I will give Kim the benefit of the doubt, because she was working on launching and branding her career. So looking back at the episodes I realized something… I never heard Kim sing a single note on the show. This is why I am going to say that this is just Kim and the Kardashian Team (aka Chris) trying to make another buck.

At this point in her career I think she needs to be careful. Kim is beautiful and has the shoes for modeling and endorsing products. Kim also has a pretty clean reputation. She’s not seen as an out-of-control wild child or the rehab kid. The woman does party but who doesn’t? Yet, she may start looking cheesy with the signing career. For someone who hasn’t hinted at a signing career before and then all of the sudden is cutting tracks will draw a negative backlash. I am going to assume that they are going to use heavy synths and reverb on her voice. Why would I think she could sing? Check it out for yourself…again how much of this is the real Kim vs. production?

UPDATE: This isn’t Kim…at least that what Kim Kardashian is saying.

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