Alter Bridge is back with ABIII

Alter Bridge

Release Date: 11/9/2010
Capitol/EMI Records

Alter Bridge is:

Myles Kennedy – Vocals, Guitar
Mark Tremonti – Guitar
Brian Marshall – Bass
Scott Phillips – Drums

Alter Bridge's ABIII is out now!

Alter Bridge is the brainchild of former Creed members; actually it’s all of the members minus Scott Stapp.  ABIII is the third album for these radio rockers whose first album was released back in 2004 under Wind-Up Records.  The album, One Day Remains, was certified GOLD by the infamous RIAA and spurred hits “Open Your Eyes” and “Find the Real.”  It was great times until Alter Bridge wanted to part ways with their label, Wind-Up Records. The band felt that Wind-Up did not share the same vision and direction that the band was going. Mark and Scott ended up using their personal funds to buy themselves out of their deal with the label.

They signed to Universal Republic Records in 2007 and released their second album, Blackbird.  The biggest difference between One Day Remains and Blackbird is Myles Kennedy.  Yes, he was on the One Day Remains, but the majority of the songs were already written before he was hired into the band.  It wasn’t until the band hit the road with Myles that they discovered Myles full potential. Mark states, “What we found out when we toured the first record was that he’s also an incredibly gifted guitar player and songwriters, as well as a vocalist.  It would have been a crime not to utilize all that talent.  We wanted to use every weapon we had in our arsenal for this album.”

ABIII has been released through Capitol/EMI this time around, and it is the sound of a fully integrated band.  There isn’t one outstanding radio hit on the album and every song really holds its own on ABIII.  The album is very guitar driven and has many of the familiar sounds from their debut, One Day Remains. The vocal harmonies are also present courtesy of Myles Kennedy.   Alter Bridge does a fantastic job at blending their radio rock guitar standards and vocals to perfection.  It’s songs like “All Hope is Gone” where this is very clear to the listener.

I must say that it’s a great thing that they haven’t reinvented their sound.  They seem more comfortable as a band and as musicians in ABIII. It’s worth a spin if you dug their first album.

Tracks to download:

All Hope is Gone
Breathe Again
Ghosts of Days Gone By

Alter Bridge on tour:

Alter Bridge on the Net:
Official Page

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