Annie Lennox’s “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” Video

Annie Lennox is an icon. Is she conventional? Not by any means, so did we really expect a tradition Christmas video or song? No…

Annie told Spinner- “It kind of brings you into almost a mythical kingdom. My references were to go back to Victorian times, which is a source of the way we celebrate Christmas now, with the cards, the Christmas tree and the presents. But I was also conscious about the Pagan idea, about marking the time of the end of the year. The trees go bare, we have the dark nights and the solstice.

A Christmas CornucopiaAnnie Lennox’s first ever holiday album, will be released November 16th through Decca Records.

Check out Annie’s “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” after the jump…

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  1. Rob Luare says:

    I LOVE the entire CD–and I LOVE this video! The Victoria-era style visuals are stunning, and the mix of Christian symbols with those of British pre-Christian paganism gives one a true sense of the cultural influences on the creation of our modern Christmas.

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