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Snatch MagnetThey call themselves Snatch Magnet. Their logo is pink and – well – looks like a part of the anatomy that is germane to their name. They are literally begging everyone who is serious about music to ignore them. Then they release this rocking little EP that features some crazy cool music.

If there is a harder way to break a band than they are utilizing – I would like to hear it. By essentially disenfranchising half of the population, you have to really be phenomenal to get any positive attention.

Snatch Magnet – the L.A. based quintet is not phenomenal, but they are much better than you would ever expect. So much better that if they find a name that is marketable – they just might have a decent career ahead of them.

While their music has some derivative edges that make it sound like something you have already heard before, there is enough musicianship to carry the songs through.

The more I search for band names to give credit and make this piece as formal as I like to make it – the more I see these guys are just having fun and taking the name and the image and all of the oddness (and cheesy puns) and are having the time of their lives.

Maybe you should stop listening to me and start listening to them.

Stand Out Tracks
The One

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