Thievery Corporation Lives Up to Their Name

Thievery Corporation
It Takes a Thief
ESL Music

There is something “emperor’s-new-clothes” about this duo and this disc. It seems like there is less going on musically, but what is going on is executed with a flourish that draws you in only to let you down.

Perhaps because it is all packaged and delivered with such obvious arrogance and pretension that listening to it was like so much smoke and mirrors. Perhaps because it is a compilation that retools older material for release that it seems dishonest.

On the other hand “It Takes a Thief” might work well as a backdrop (at a very low volume) especially if you don’t want people to get too comfortable. There are a lot of sharp edges and rough corners to get caught on here and – frankly – not enough solid independent grooves.

For example; the forth track is called “Facing East.” It’s a droning, sleepy track that never really stops so much as segues into the next cut “Holographic Universe.” Except you would be hard pressed to find where one track ends and one other begins. They sound that much alike and neither one exciting.

I get that trance-like rhythms are cool (and easier to program on the old MAC) and that singing in foreign tongues is often confused with world music, but Thievery Corporation is an apt of a name as I have ever heard.

Stand Out Track
Lebanese Blonde

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  1. Black Dog says:

    Probably the most uninformed review I’ve read of this compilation yet. In addition to leaving the viewer doubtful of the album, you have managed to completely stump readers with the last statement, citing both poor grammar as well as misunderstood genre references. Bad form.

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