Hinder Takes the All American Nightmare on Tour

Austin’s Saloon – Libertyville, IL

HINDER Austins Libertyville 26 F

Hinder is out on the road promoting their newest album All American Nightmare. This 3rd studio album from Hinder drops December 7th off Universal Music and last night they hit Austin’s Saloon with Default and My Darkest Days.

This was the first time I’ve ever seen Hinder in a small intimate setting. Austin’s isn’t the biggest joint, but it sure is THE biggest joint in Lake County for rock bands. I was apprehensive about the whole situation because I am so used to witnessing Hinder’s massive stage setup and lighting. Plus if you’ve seen Hinder before these guys aren’t noted for just standing around during their show. So how did the guys do on a much smaller stage? They were fabulous! I have to say that there was more energy for them to feed from as we all became sardines. I did notice Austin looked like he may have been struggling with his monitors. I did feel that there were times when I couldn’t hear him over the very loud guitars. Also, there was a collision near the end of the set when Mark backed up as Blower was passing behind him, but the guys just laughed and played it off.

Hinder played several new songs from All American Nightmare. They played the first single and title track, “All American Nightmare” and Put that Record On” just to name a couple. “Put that Record On” is a very good old rock ‘n’ roll track. The song is very reminiscent of a summer anthem by Kid Rock, except Hinder uses original music to pay homage to the great classic rockers and albums.

There were lots of screaming women there accompanied by their men, but I am pretty sure the men were there for the Bears vs. Dolphins game. (Go Bears!) How do I know that? I would turn around and get game stats from one of the guy’s phone every couple songs. Hinder really made the girls scream when breaking into “Room 21” and “Use Me.”

Many stayed to the end just to hear “Get Stoned” and I can only image how tired the guys are playing that one. They have enough great new music where if they didn’t play it I think they’d be fine. They have such crowd pleasers like “Better than Me” that starts with Blower taking to the 12 string acoustic. They also had the fans singing a couple of their ballads, “Lips of an Angel” and “Without You.”

Hinder is still on tour (they tour a lot!) Go check them out while they are playing the small venue circuit!

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