Robyn’s Body Talk

Body Talk
Release Date: 11/22/2010
Cherrytree Records

Update: Win a signed copy of Robyn’s Body Talk! The 10th person to tell us their favorite Robyn song wins! Good Luck!

Robyn body talk

At the beginning of the year reemerging pop-star, Robyn, announced that she would release three short records. Through out the past year Robyn has slowly crept into the psyche of pop-electro enthusiasts, with Body Talk Part 1 and 2 being released earlier this year and a tour with pop-R&B sure helped. Body Talk is the third and final promise and it’s not just B-sides or scrapped tracks left over from Parts 1+2.

It opens with a song Robyn fans are familiar with, “Indestructible“; an acoustic version appeared on a previous record this year -almost completely unrecognizable except for the lyrics. This is a prime example of why Robyn has been gaining so much attention this year; the lyrics speak of a woman who’s been hurt by previous relationships but willing to try someone new without all the baggage getting in the way. The new version turns into a celebratory anthem for the youth struggling with being single. It’s a four to the floor dance hit with sincere lyrics.

Robyn’s lyrics always have that personal touch that has been able to connect to a lot of people, whether she’s talking about new relationships, ‘going to love you like I’ve never been hurt before’ or something slightly more poetic, like the end of a relationship, “it’s all over like steps on the first snow” (if you’ve never experience snowy winters that analogy might lose you). In “Get Myself Together” she sings about the complete loss of self after a particularly painful break up. It’s a fit of depression that she’s completely aware of, that her family is aware of-she cites various members of her family assuring her those things will be better- but the track isn’t about the mellow-drama. Like all great dance tracks it’s another uplifting anthem about getting yourself out of whatever personal rut you find yourself in, the chorus chants, “I’ve got to get my head back on, get myself together” it’s about moving on and finding that peace once again.

After three short albums, all within 10 months, Robyn has not creatively exhausted herself. Body Talk contains the sweetest and most honest tracks of the three without sacrificing the fun club beats. If you’re a fan of the first two parts you’ll definitely enjoy this last part, it really is part of a true trilogy, bringing everything you love about the artist together, in a small 5-track EP package.


1. Dancing On My Own (radio version)
2. Fembot
2. Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do
4. Indestructible
5. Time Machine
6. Love Kills
7. Hang With Me
8. Call Your Girlfriend
9. None Of Dem feat. Röyksopp
10. We Dance To The Beat
11. U Should Know Better feat. Snoop Dogg
12. Dancehall Queen
13. Get Myself Together
14. In My Eyes
15. Stars 4-Ever

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  1. James ruff says:

    My fave Robyn song right now is still “Fembot”!!!!

  2. @James: Ok my opinion doesn’t count in this contest but I am also IN LOVE with FEMBOT!!! It’s been on repeat since I received the album!

  3. James Ruff says:

    Lol mine too! It’s the craziest most fun song to sing along to ever!
    I’ll pick another: “Criminal Intent”. I love them all

  4. James Ruff says:

    In My Eyes

  5. James Ruff says:

    Time Machine. Since no one else is playing, can I do this? Lol

  6. James Ruff says:

    Be Mine

  7. James Ruff says:


  8. James Ruff says:

    Dancing On My Own

  9. James Ruff says:

    Love Kills

  10. James Ruff says:


  11. James Ruff says:

    U should know better

  12. LOL! The funny part of this is there is a ton of people looking at this post and no one is commenting except me and you! :D Not really sure what everyone is waiting for!!!

  13. James Ruff says:

    Dancehall QueeN

  14. James Ruff says:

    Call your girlfriend

  15. James Ruff says:

    I gave 11 guys!!!! Hook this Robyn lover up!! Please :) konichiwa Bitches

  16. James Ruff says:

    None Of Dem

  17. James Ruff says:

    Hang With Me

  18. James Ruff says:

    Well….I tried! Lol

  19. James Ruff says:

    The Girl And The Robot

  20. James Ruff says:

    Show Me Love. (literally).

  21. James Ruff says:

    Bum Like You

  22. James Ruff says:

    Hmmmm. Well, I’ve put up a good try lol

  23. James Ruff says:

    This has been alot of fun and has made me a nervous wreck since I’m an uberfan who would LOVE this prize. Didn’t mean to be the only player tho. Lol.

  24. James you rock! Don’t be sorry! You are such a hardcore Robyn fan!

  25. James Ruff says:

    Lol. Thanks Jessica!!! It’s true! I love her. She’s my all time favorite

  26. James Ruff says:

    Maybe there are ten different James Ruffs and my last choice just happened to be from me? Lol. Ok ok I won’t beg. Lol

  27. Sean lewis says:

    Lol, James REALLY wants this huh? Well since EVERYONE else is just waiting for 8 other people to go first, I’ll go! I LOVE “Hang With Me”

  28. James Ruff says:

    Lol. Yea I want it real bad. I was just trying to hurry cuz I thought this would be a very quick contest. At the end of the day, it’s just about supporting the artist and Robyn deserves that. Whoever wins is one lucky person!

  29. Yeah…I don’t know what the problem is…there are hundreds of people that have read this post…I think everybody is now waiting…

  30. James Ruff says:

    While we wait, I’ll just be sitting here sippin propane topped with a cherry:)

  31. Victor Benitez says:

    Favorite song is Dancing On My Own

  32. James Ruff says:

    I’m so not trying to just list every song but they are all my favorites. I’ll give another since everyone is so quiet. “Stars 4-Ever”

  33. James Ruff says:

    “Handle Me”. That’s a great one!

  34. James Ruff says:

    “Dream On”. All the acoustic versions of selections from the “Robyn” cd on the rare “Cherrytree Sessions”

  35. James Ruff says:

    Jag Vet En Dejlig Rosa, from B. P, 1. Gorgeous!

  36. James Ruff says:

    It may be just about my bedtime. Lol. This was fun…..if this contest heats up while I’m gone, congrats to the winner!! I tried and waited for hours!! An autographed Robyn cd is well worth the time!!

  37. James Ruff says:

    Still no winner?? I’m very surprised! Let’s play people! I wanna see who the lucky winner is

  38. Sharlene says:

    not 10th, but my fav is Cry When You Get Older, which sadly didn’t make the body talk cut.


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