U2 and Spider-man the Broadway Musical


Are you going to see the 60 million dollar Spider-man Broadway show in New York? It’s called Spider-man: Turn off the Dark. It looks pretty killer! They have characters soaring over the audience. Mind you, this is Broadway, not a Garth Brook concert in an arena.

The project started in 2002 and is finally opening the curtains for screenings tonight and to the public in January. You can buy tickets here. It has to be one of the biggest Broadway shows EVER to make money. This sounds like a big obstacle except Bono and The EDGE produced all the music for the show. Yes, that’s right U2 is now on Broadway! Well, you won’t actually see Bono and The Edge but as I listened to some of the music for the show you can definitely tell those two are behind it.

Video after the jump…

For more information check out the official site here.

Check out some behind the production video from 60 Minutes:

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