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  • Free Music Monday: Girl Talk’s full album “All Day,” Salem, The Waylons, Balmorhea, Botany, Callers, Glass Ghost, & Wires Under Tension

    It’s Free Music Monday! It’s also Cyber Monday, but why spend money on music when you have Free Music Mondays right? Ok…you should go out and buy music but here are some artists that are letting their fans download some of their newest singles and/or albums for free.

    If you haven’t downloaded the new Girl Talk album already this would be the time to do it! We also have downloads from the Waylons, Glass Ghost, Callers, Wires Under Tension and more… Just click on the download link and the tracks are all yours! Enjoy and Happy Monday!

    Girl Talk – All Day -Entire Album- (POP)

    Girl Talk finally took a break from touring, festival dates, & college shows, in order to create this album.  While posting the album as a free download on the Illegal Art label’s site allows All Day to reach his fan-base quickly and with minimal cost, Gillis spent more time on this album than any previous release and considers it the most fully realized and evolved manifestation of the Girl Talk aesthetic.


    Girl Talk Online:

    Salem – “Asia” (Electronic/Rock/Experimental)

    Check this new remix of Salem’s ‘Asia’ done by Jokers Of The Scene – dark and gothy just got a whole lot darker and gothier.


    Waylons  – “Safe” (Indie Rock/Folk)

    The Waylons are proud to release the newest song in their continuing series of single releases. “Safe” is available for FREE download for a short time, and follows “Everyone Talking” in the series. Get it now on the Waylons’ site! Thanks!


    BALMORHEA – “Clamor” (Classical / Americana / Experimenta)

    “Clamor” from the new limited edition 7″ release CANDOR/CLAMOR.


    BOTANY – “Waterparker” (Rock)

    “Waterparker” from the debut release Feeling Today.


    CALLERS – “How You Hold Your Arms” (Indie Rock)

    “How You Hold Your Arms” mp3 from their new album Life of Love.


    GLASS GHOST – “Fake Out” (Alternative / Gothic / Rock)

    The band recently recorded a cover of “Fake Out” by Bear in Heaven.


    WIRES UNDER TENSION – “Mnemonics in Motion”

    “Mnemonics in Motion” from their forthcoming debut Light Science.


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