Sweethead Makes for Sourpuss

Strange Addiction/ The End Records
www.sweethead. net

What do you get when you combine four b-level rock musicians from four separate b-level bands? You get the laziest – most uninspired 13 songs that will drone in your ears until you disinfect them with something that resembles rock and roll.

Surely Troy Van Leeuwen (Queens of the Stone Age) is intended to be the anchor here. Instead we get disjointed – musical ideas that are half-baked and played without anything that resembles cogent thought or are enoyable music.

Eddie Nappi on bass (Mark Lanegan Band, Handsome) doesn’t stand a chance because the production values are so thin – the bass might be there under a layer or two of jangling discord. Likely the idea of letting the bass set the bottom up and give Van Leeuwen something to play over/with was lost on this band.

Norm Block on drums (Mark Lanegan Band, Plexi) reminds me of the recording sessions we have all read about where they had to wake Keith Moon up to play drums only Block is the sleeping Moon.

Vocalist Serrina Sims is the sole talent of the quartet – but she is forced to sing some of the dumbest lyrics this side of TNKOTB’S debut disc. “Meet in the Road” is so bad one might think it is a parody – but of what. No it’s just plain dumb.

The best thing about this band is their name; Sweethead. Everything else is – sour – at best.

Stand Out Track
Amazing Vanishing Conquest

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