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The Empty Bottle are big fans of weekend events and on Saturday they are seeing one of their long time dreams become a reality with the help of Nukleii & Rebeletter Studiosa full on rock and roll show and rock poster fest. They’ve got some of their favorite bands lined up to play all afternoon and some of the most exciting rock & roll poster designers will be down with a plethora of their work. The event starts at noon and headliners Galactic Inmate will be on at 7:30pm. Admission is $5 but that entrance fee gets you a token that will knock $5 off a piece of art purchased. Rock & Roll Holiday shopping for those on your list that can’t be taken care of at the Handmade Markets (Dec 11) or Farmers Markets (Dec 12)!

Late night on Saturday the Bottle will welcome Windy City Soul Club as they celebrate their 2 year anniversary. They made a nice little promo vid for the night and by some tricks of lighting or something, manage to make the Bottle look just lovely: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FahOJuu2pU0

Follow the jump for this weeks shows and all new additions.

12.01.10 Diamond Rings | Charlie Deets | Clique Talk

12.02.10 Saki Records, CHIRP Radio and Victoria present Trivia Night! (7pm)

12.02.10 Abstract Science, Empty Bottle, In Your System & Meiotic present Isolee | Frankie Vega VS Sevron | Quadratic (live) | visuals by Kawa

12.03.10 The 1900s | Tyler Jon Tyler | Tristen 12.04.10 Empty Bottle, Nukleii & Rebeletter Studios present ‘Inkbomb: 2010 Rock Poster Festival’ featuring Galactic Inmate | Dark Fog | Hobo & Boxcar | Blue Ribbon Glee Club | Coyote Camaro | The Columbines | Nones | posters by Jim Ford, Matt Ginsberg, Dan Grzeca, Keith Herzik, Zach Hobbs, Garret Karol, Rick Leech, Dan MacAdam, Erin Page, Cassidy Viser & Steve Walters (begins at 12pm)

12.04.10 Windy City Soul Club 2 Year Anniversary (10pm)

12.05.10 The Mediums | Zoobombs | Black Wyrm Seed

12.05.10 Hot Grits! Featuring DJ Jacob Ross & Naomi Walker (10pm) (FREE)

12.06.10 Buke & Gass | Talk Normal | J+J+J (FREE)

12.07.10 White Hinterland | Magical Beautiful (FREE w/ RSVP)

12.08.10 Mickey | Dumpster Babies | Empty Heads

12.09.10 Lesser Birds of Paradise | The Lighthouse & the Whaler (FREE w/ RSVP)

12.10.10 Killing Joke | Bloodiest

12.11.10 Handmade Market (11am)

12.11.10 Killing Joke | Beak

12.12.10 Bad Cop | Pink Torpedo | Life Partner

12.15.10 Colony Park | Vehicle Blues

12.18.10 MNDR | Austra | pressures

12.20.10 Sadhu Sadhu | Golden Birthday | Deep Earth | Bitchin’ Bajas (FREE)

12.21.10 Splendid Trend | Deadbeat Beat | Sweet Spots (FREE w/ RSVP)

12.22.10 Circuit Des Yeux | Laughing Eye Weeping Eye (FREE w/ RSVP)

12.23.10 The Sleepovers | Bored Games (FREE w/ RSVP) 12.31.10 Big Freedia & the Divas | Nobunny | DJ sets by Rusty Lazer

12.31.10 Mucca Pazza | SSION | Outer Minds (Logan Square Auditorium)

01.02.11 Eye Gouger | Johnny Vomit | Severed

01.03.11 Singleman Affair | El Is the Sound of Joy (FREE)

01.18.11 Spirit Animal | City States | Soft Candy (FREE w/ RSVP)

01.19.11 Moodrings | Bigcolour | Glitter Bones

01.21.11 Life & Times | Centaur | Big Science

01.25.11 Estrogen Highs | Vee Dee

02.11.11 Monotonix | JEFF the Brotherhood | Call Me Lightning 02.24.11 Dum Dum Girls | MINKS

02.28.11 Asobi Seksu |Stephen Paul Smoker

03.04.11 Girl Talk (Congress Theater) SOLD OUT

03.05.11 Girl Talk (Congress Theater)

03.18.11 Roommate | Algernon | Dozens

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