Trapt at the FUEL ROOM

Austin’s Fuel Room – Libertyville, IL

Trapt at Austins 13f

Trapt hit Austin’s Fuel Room last night as part of their Sound Off Tour that  just started not long ago. It’s too bad for the guys that they have only endured cold and snowy weather so far on this leg of the tour. Joining them for the Sound Off Tour is Abused Romance and  Since October. The entire tour is to get out the word of Trapt’s newest release called, No Apologies. It’s also been 2 years since Trapt have put out new material for their fans, so yes, this is the long awaited album.

The night was filled with several new songs from No Apologies. There was one  song in particular that caught and reeled me in, and that  was “Get Up.” If you need a song to motivate you to get up in the morning or maybe get you through the workday, this would be the song. Other new songs in their set included “End of my Rope” and “Overloaded.” The crowd went nuts as the band broke into their hits. What would a Trapt concert be without fan favorites like “Echo” and “Headstrong?”

The thing I noticed the entire set was Chris struggling to keep his vocal chords limber. He was constantly spraying something in his mouth between songs. I guess his vocals are paying the price for performing in the dry and very cold atmosphere. He pulled through the set like a trooper. The band stayed after the showto sign autographs to their ever-eager fans, because this is Trapt we are talkign about and Trapt knows how to make their fans happy. The END.

Sound Off
Still Frame
Who’s Going Home with You Tonight
End of My Rope
Bleed Like Me
Get Up
Stand Up

Trapt is still on tour. Tour Dates below:

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