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Beauty Bar would like to spotlight on some upcoming events.

Thursday, December 9 – Beauty Beats presents Dez (Slum Village), Sal P (Liquid Liquid), Kenny Keys, DJ Raj Mahal and DJ Tesha (10pm, Free) Tonight marks the 4th edition of Beauty Beats and this party has been drawing some of the best musical minds from around the country. Featuring music by Dez of Detroit’s finest, Slum Village, Sal P of New York/No Wave outfit Liquid Liquid and Chicago hip-hop represented through the jazzy, soulful and smooth stylings of Kenny Keys making his solo album live performance debut – this is one eclectic and banging line up. Rounding everything out are DJs Raj Mahal (Chicago via Detroit) and Tesha (Chicago via New Orleans) – we defy you to find a better way to heat up your Thursday night.
$4 Heinekin 16oz-ers

Follow the jump for a run-down of their event schedule.

12.06.10 Bikes, Bands & Babes: A Chicago Conservation Corps benefit featuring live sets by Hawley Shoffner ft. The Noise FM | Kris De La Rash | Dreamlogicc | Somilia Rabee | Jin J. X Trio | 5th Star Trio | DJ Black Gold (7pm; free w/ bike, $5 before 10pm)
12.07.10 Timbuck2uesdays (Free w/RSVP, $5)
12.08.10 Beauty Bar presents ‘Pizza Pizza Wednesdays’ featuring Magic Milk (live) | VillageDJ (free)
12.09.10 DJ Tesha (7pm; free)
12.09.10 Beauty Beats presents Dez (Slum Village) | Sal P (Liquid Liquid) | Kenny Keys (live) | DJ Raj Mahal | DJ Tesha (free)
12.10.10 ‘No Future’ with DJ Kevin Smith (7pm; free)
12.10.10 ‘BASS-ick’ featuring DJ sets by British Knights | All the Way Kay | Select Inverse | Demchuk | DJ Limbs (free w/ RSVP, $5)
12.11.10 Clare Burson | Dinosaur Feathers (7pm; free w/RSVP, $5)
12.11.10 Die Tonight: “Sexy Santa Slaughter”Santa and Snow Bunny Costume Party (9pm, $5, $2 w/costume)
12.12.10 Absolut & Jameson present a fashion show by Anna Hovet featuring The O’My’s (live) (9pm; free)
12.12.10 Chocolate Sundays Hollywod Holt birthday featuring DJs Hollywood Holt | Johnny Fonseca | Brent Mano | UNI (free)
12.13.10 Clique Talk | Yoko Homo (live) (free)
12.14.10 Timbuck2uesdays (free w/ RSVP, $5)
12.15.10 Victim of Time presents Heavy Times (live) | Victim of Time DJs (free)
12.16.10 DJ Tesha (7pm; free)
12.16.10 RubyHornet Presents Digital Freshness
12.17.10 ‘No Future’ with DJ Kevin Smith (7pm; free)
12.17.10 Homo For the Holidays featuring Black Gold | Barbara Butch & Unisexy | Young Creature (DJ set) | Reaganomix (DJ set) | plus photobooth by Glitter Guts ($3 w/canned food, $5)
12.18.10 ‘Transfusion’ with DJ Ryan Weinstein (7pm;free)
12.18.10 Moneypenny & UR Chicago present ‘Spandexxx’ featuring Juiceboxxx | Kid Color | FuzZ | Moneypenny (DJ set) | Team Bayside High (free w/ RSVP, $5)
12.19.10 Team Karaoke Dance Party with BSTARR (9pm; free)
12.20.10 Odd Obsession Presents ‘Dancehall Bubbler’ with DJs Rad Brian | Steven LaGrue | Dave Mata | Selector Aaron | screening of “Fela Kuti: Music is the Weapon’ and ‘Rockers’ (7pm; free)
12.21.10 Timbuck2uesdays (free w/RSVP, $5)
12.22.10 ‘Cats in the Bag’ featuring The Hollows (live) | DJ Rachel Hinsdale (free)
12.23.10 DJ Tesha (7pm; free)
12.27.10 Acid Marshmallow (free)
12.28.10 Timbuck2uesdays (free w/ RSVP, $5)
12.29.10 Beauty Bar presents ‘Pizza Pizza Wednesdays’ featuring a special evening with James Chance (DJ set & live performance) (free)
12.30.10 DJ Tesha (7pm; free)
12.30.10 DJ 33 1/3
12.31.10 Midnight Conspiracy Presents ‘Die Tonight: Midnight Masquerade Ball’ featuring Midnight Conspiracy | Cobra Corps | Perfect Kiss | Disco Death Threat | Heaven Malone | hosted by Angel Afterhours, John Campbell, Rachel Olin Cable, Monica Heart Swieton | photos by Glitterguts (10pm; $15, $10 w/costume) 01.01.11 Queerer Park presents DJs Barbara Butch | Black Gold | Rhated R | Rusty Lazer | Unisexy (10pm, $5)
01.04.11 Timbuck2uesdays (free w/ RSVP, $5)
01.06.11 DJ Tesha (7pm; free)
01.07.11 ‘No Future’ with DJ Kevin Smith (7pm; free)
01.08.11 ‘Transfusion’ with DJ Ryan Weinstein (7pm;free)
01.09.11 Two With Water reading series (7pm; free)
01.09.11 Chocolate Sundays presents Hollywood Holt | Johnny Fonseca (free)

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