Not Mad at Ke$ha

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Ke$ha Cannibal
I once heard Ke$ha describe her music on the radio. She explained that she felt blessed, because all she ever did was sing about her weekend debaucheries. Her tracks seem airy, simple, and created in mere minutes. She may want to believe that, but one look into her past tells us that these hits have been a long time coming. Ke$ha’s mother PeBe was a songwriter and singer herself and raised pre-dollar sign Kesha from the side of the stage. She enforced Ke$ha to always write real lyrics, because people can tell when you’re bullshitting. Ke$ha has said she has done this from the start. That being the case, I’m jealous of homegirls fun ass party life, yet respect her work hard – play hard ethic.

I try to keep in mind that pop music is a necessary evil and has it’s place; All Radiohead all day, makes Jack an emo boy. Ke$ha seems to have gotten this memo and knows well that light hearted, fun music SELLS. On her new EP “Cannibal”, she reminds us that “It’s about damn time to live it up, I’m so sick of being so serious.” As we all stress over the holiday season, and day to day worries, we could all benefit from Ke$ha’s life outlook.  As someone steals our parking spot at the mall we should try and chuckle at her new, in my opinion best track on the EP entitled “Sleazy” where she proclaims: “Me and all my friends we don’t buy bottles, we bring em. We take the drinks from the tables when you get up and leave em.” I applaud Ke$ha for being one of the first artists (dare I call her a rapper?) to admit that even when you’re rolling in dough, paying ten times the retail price of a bottle is just plain silly.

Shout out to Benny Blanco (Spank Rock, Katy Perry) who Ke$ha uses again for production. His signature sound can be  best heard on the track “Blow”. With 9 tracks on the EP, there is all dance, smiles, and a light touch of Ke$ha style depth, overall – no filler to be found. I remain, not mad at Ke$ha, do your thing girl.

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