Song Bites: Arrica Rose takes on the darker & romantic side of pop

Arrica Rose the …’s (The DotDotDots)
Antebellum EP
Self Released

Arrica Rose & the …’s is:
Arrica Rose – Guitar, Vocals, Keys, Mandolin, Omnichord
Ryan Brown – Drums, Percussion
Steve Giles: Bass
Marc Thomas – Lead Guitar
Tiffany Kowalksi – Violin
Harry Kim – Trumpet
Liam Philpot – Baritone Sax
Arturo Velasco – Trombone

Antebellum is just a preview of what’s to come for this Los Angeles folk singer and her band, the …’s (DotDotDots).  It’s also the follow-up to La La Lost.  The full length album will be released early next year, but they could not wait for fans to hear what’s coming.

The 3 song EP, Antebellum, is a much more somber tone for Arrica. This, along with La La Lost, is produced by Dan Garcia (David Crosby, Christina Aguilera). The song that shines on Antebellum is “Sail Away.”  It’s such a dark and romantic bass driven song. In the chorus she begs her lover to find her and “Sail Away” and she promises that she can change.

The EP is worth downloading just for “Sail Away” alone.

Track Listing:

Nothing Nada Nothing
Sail Away

Arrica Rose & the …’s

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