Empty Bottle Events & News

Empty Bottle Events & News

Empty Bottle will welcome Peaches back to Chicago performing her one-woman-show Peaches Christ Superstar. As the title suggests, the show is “Fuck the Pain Away”-Peaches performing Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Jesus Christ Superstar. Peaches performs every part – from Jesus to Judas to the disciples – and she’s aided in this endeavor by Chilly Gonzales – a piano virtuoso and rap entertainer. The performance enjoyed critical acclaim and sold out crowds when it debuted in Europe and the inaugural US tour kicks off this weekend before rolling through our chilly city on Dec 14. Press has already started rolling in – Bust has a pretty substantial feature on the iconoclastic performance here and there’s a trailer that really helped me wrap my head around the whole thing that I highly recommend you peep here. Should be one heck of a performance.

Follow the jump for shows for this week

12.08.10 Mickey | Dumpster Babies | Empty Heads

12.09.10 Lesser Birds of Paradise | The Lighthouse & the Whaler | Cross Record (FREE w/ RSVP)

12.10.10 Killing Joke | Bloodiest 12.11.10 Handmade Market (11am; FREE!)

12.11.10 Killing Joke | Beak

12.12.10 Empty Bottle Farmers Market (12pm; FREE!) 12.12.10 Bad Cop | Pink Torpedo | Life Partner

12.13.10 Sybris | Apteka | Secret Colours | plus intermission sets by Che Arthur (FREE!)

12.14.10 Origin of Animal | We Repel Each Other | Patrick Thunder | Grandfather Clock

12.14.10 Peaches performs Peaches Christ Superstar featuring Chilly Gonzales (Portage Theater) 12.15.10 Colony Park | Very Truly Yours | Vehicle Blues

12.22.10 Circuit Des Yeux | E.T. Habit | Laughing Eye Weeping Eye (FREE w/ RSVP)

12.23.10 The Sleepovers | Bored Games | Slushy (FREE w/ RSVP)

12.26.10 Hamburglars | The Goblins | Easy Prey

12.28.10 The 6th Annual ‘Alex Chilton Birthday Bash’ featuring FM Towns | Go Time! | Letterbomb | My Damn Butterfly | Scott Schaafsma | The Injured Parties | The IRAS | Todd Leiter-Weintraub (FREE w/ RSVP)

12.29.10 White Prisim | Liquid State Bypass | Red Electric Rainbow | Ryley Walker (FREE w/ RSVP)

12.31.10 312unes present Big Freedia & the Divas | Nobunny | DJ sets by Rusty Lazer with proceeds benefiting the Howard Brown Health Center

12.31.10 Mucca Pazza | SSION | Outer Minds (Logan Square Auditorium)

01.01.11 Hot Machines | Timmy’s Organism

01.05.11 Velcro Lewis & His 100 Proof Band | Strychnine

01.26.11 Nightlands

01.30.11 Tyvek

02.11.11 Monotonix | JEFF the Brotherhood | Call Me Lightning | Rabble Rabble

02.19.11 Future Islands | Ed Schrader | Wumme

02.26.11 Smith Westerns

04.06.11 Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso UFO | Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers

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