Chevelle Killed it at the Rave

The Rave – Milwaukee, WI

Chevelle is (awesome):
Pete- vocals/guitar
Sam- drums
Dean- bass

Chevelle Rave 13

Chevelle made their last stop on their latest tour at the Rave in Milwaukee last night. The Chicago grown trio was out celebrating their 10 year anniversary. I personally can’t believe it’s been 10 years already but the more the merrier. Their current release is Sci-Fi Crimes, but they are releasing a bundle to commemorate their anniversary and it’s pretty enticing for Chevelle fans. The bundle includes a cd/dvd set that was filmed at the Metro in Chicago. The package also includes a limited edition t-shirt and can koozie that is all art created by Dean Bernardini.

More photos and the show review after the jump…

I digress, now back to the show. Killer doesn’t even begin to explain Chevelle’s performance. It’s amazing that three guys can pull off such a huge sound live. Part of me wanted to look under the stage as well as backstage for the other guitar player, yet there isn’t one. Chevelle is really one of the top modern rock trios that can actually pull off being just a trio live.

Chevelle started the set with “The Clincher,” and not many bands  get right down to business and start with their hits. “Get Some” and “Send the Pain Below” were also included in the beginning of the set. The guys were full of energy and the packed crowd’s energy only compounded it. It wasn’t until the second to last song of the set that Pete scolded parts of the crowd for leaving early.  I’d say that’s pretty typical of people to leave early to beat the traffic out of the parking lot, yet Pete and the guys (and loyal fans) didn’t want the party to come to a close. The hardcore fans stayed to the end were treated to “Sleep Apnea” for the last song of the night.

The Set:
The Clincher
Get Some
Well Enough Alone
Send the Pain Below
Comfortable Liar
The Red
Wonder What’s Next
Letter from a Thief
Family System
Vitamin R
El Diable
Straight Jacket Fashion
I Get It
Still Running
Shameful Metaphors
Sleep Apnea

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