Jokes on You, Jamie.

Jamie Foxx
Best Night of My Life
J Records

Jamie Foxx Best Night of My LifeJamie Foxx’s new album is a joke, and not a good one like he’s capable of as a comedian. We’ve all been so fond of blaming it on the al-al-al-al-alcohol for the last two years that it’s kept us enjoying his tactful disguise of comedy routines as songs. Yet, it may have been better for Jamie to quit while he was platinum because on “The Best Night of my Life”, there is nothing to blame it on but Jamie’s lack of substance. Jamie uses a small vocabulary of different words, mostly designer labels, and shout outs to Petron over and over.. Then he straight up steals “Big Pappa” from The Notorious Big, and uses the king of pop’s lyrics in vain. The album only provides two decent radio singles, “Winner” with Justin Timberlake, and the best song on the album “Fall for your type” with Drake. .The rest of the 13 tracks are repetitive descriptions of Jamie’s ill fated attempts with women, and promising if one lady gives him a chance he will break you off for a whopping 15 minutes. Which I must say, would be 12 minutes more pleasure than the entire album gave me.

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