Sullivan Loves You Back

Jazmine Sullivan
Love You Back
J Records

On “Love You Back” – the latest from singer/songwriter Jazmine Sullivan – the too-young-to-feel-this-old songbird warbles a piece she co-wrote called “Famous.” A well blended orchestral pop nugget with one of the coolest guitar bits buried in the melancholy conclusion, the song fairly warns of what is to come for Philly native who stretches musical borders to their breaking point.

At the tender age of 23, her musical vocabulary is more like someone much older. Her voice reflects the innocence of her age, but it is textured by a soul that has seen more than 23 winters. Her songwriting is another thing altogether.

She moves between conversational and traditional as easily as she does between humor and drama. While “Redemption” paints a vivid story that haunts the corners of the urban experience, “U Get on My Nerves” is a lighter – less harrowing musical moment. She performs them both with equal gravity – only with timing and delivery that are germane to the individual songs.

Of the eleven songs – all co-written by Sullivan – there is not a bad note on this disc. Sullivan and company rely on a lot of textures and moods and genres to get the point across – but they do and they do it well.

“Love You Back” is Sullivan’s way of saying thank you to fans. By releasing this disc she is assuring all of the people who bought 2008’s “Fearless” that she has every intention of loving them back. This is how she does it and now her fans can love her back.

Stand Out Tracks
Good Enough
Love You Long Time

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