Drunk Girls in 3D

Yes yes…I wasn’t joking. Check out Pepper’s 3D video for their new song “Drunk Girls!”

“Drunk Girl” will be viewable on ANY computer with PEPPER’s red and blue 3-D glasses (anaglyph format) and on 3-D laptops, desktops, and TVs that utilize the passive-polarized and electronic shutter-glasses technology. In addition to YouTube 3-D, the video will air on new 3-D mobile devices and elsewhere in a 2-D version. Fans can get their hands on 3-D glasses through PEPPER’s website www.pepperlive.com or use any classic paper, old school 3-D glasses.
PEPPER filmed “Drunk Girl” live on location at The Grove in Anaheim, CA on October, 15, 2010, the opening night of their current “Like A Surgeon” tour in support of their new EP Stitches featuring the track. The song has already landed rotation spins on San Francisco’s Live 105 FM, West Palm Beach’s Buzz 103 FM radio stations, and 99x in Atlanta; to name a few.

PEPPER enlisted Director Erik Spicard and Producer/Musician Lee Jaffe (Bob Marley, Barrington Levy) to create their 3-D video. Spicard, who shot and edited the video explains, “Since the band opted to use footage from one of their live shows, my crew and I created our own portable 3-D camera rigs from pairs of HD camcorders to shoot the concert guerilla-style. Our hand-held wireless rigs let us run around freely to capture the energy of the band’s performance at The Grove in Anaheim, California. ”

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