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Saturday, January 22 – The Prince Vs. Michael Experience (9pm, $5)
If you’ve ever been asked to choose between the Beatles vs the Stones or Sabbath vs Zepplin, you know there are as many opinions as there are reasons behind the opinions, and on Saturday (1.22.11) at the Price vs. Michael Experience, you’ll have your allegiance tested in the funkiest way imaginable. Providing an opportunity to both rock with you (all night) and dig, if you will, this picture, Prince and associated artists will go toe-to-toe on the dance floor against Michael and the Jackson family. This face-off has swept the nation and always promises to be a dance marathon as DJs mix album cuts, remixes, rare tracks and classics in a true celebration of both artists.
$3 Bud drafts, $3 tall boys, $4 well drinks

Sunday, January 23 – Everything is Whack, co-hosted by Everything is Terrible, Odd Obsession & Impala Sound (9pm, FREE)
Everything is Whack features an ultra unique blend of off kilter music blended with the insanity inducing found footage visuals of Everything Is Terrible. The sights and sounds are too obscure to be considered “guilty pleasures,” but they sure do tread on that line.
$2 Bud drafts, $3 well drinks

Follow the jump for the run-down of Beauty Bar’s schedule with the weekly 7-10 DJs, reoccurring parties and special events

01.13.11 DJ Tesha (7pm; free)

01.13.11 Beauty Beats featuring Maker | Sean Doe | Raj Mahal | DJ Tesha (free)

01.14.11 ‘No Future’ with DJ Kevin Smith (7pm; free)

01.14.11 CHIRP one year anniversary party featuring Depressed Buttons | Heaven Malone | Dr. Drase ($5)

01.15.11 ‘Transfusion’ with DJ Ryan Weinstein (7pm;free)

01.15.11 RubyHornet Presents ‘Digital Freshness’ featuring Mick Boogie | DJ VIP J | DJ RTC ($5)

01.16.11 Dance Mass featuring Charlie Glitch | DJ Demchuck | No Girl (free)

01.17.11 Odd Obsession presents ‘Dancehall Bubbler’ featuring Rad Brian | Dave Mata | Steven LaGrue | Selector Aaron | plus a screening of Konkombe: The Nigerian Pop Music Scene (1980) & Countryman (1982) (7pm; free)

01.18.11 Timbuck2uesdays featuring Timbuk2 | DJ Izzo (9pm; free)

01.19.11 Victim of Time presents Pizza Pizza Wednesdays featuring Brain Idea (live) | Victim of Time DJs (free)

01.20.11 DJ Tesha (7pm; free)

01.20.11 PUSH Monthly presents SlapBox | Dolor | Nameless | Elevation | plus live painting by Sean Arnold | free hair styling by Jessica Rose | hosted by Classick (free before 11pm, $3)

01.22.11 ‘Transfusion’ with DJ Ryan Weinstein (7pm;free)

01.22.11 The Prince VS Michael Experience (9pm; $5)

01.23.11 Everything is Wack

01.24.11 Acid Marshmallow Presents (free)

01.24.11 Timbuck2uesdays featuring Timbuck2 | DJ Izzo (9pm; free)

01.26.11 Pizza Pizza Wednesdays featuring White Mystery (live) | Squish (live) (free)

01.27.11 DJ Tesha (7pm; free)

01.27.11 Ghettophiles presents Ghetto Fabulous featuring DJ Ayers | Waxmaster | Rob Theezy | DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad (free)

01.28.11 ‘No Future’ with DJ Kevin Smith (7pm; free)

01.28.11 Moneypenny & UR Chicago present Spandexxx featuring Bonjay (free w/ RSVP, $5)

01.29.11 ‘Transfusion’ with DJ Ryan Weinstein (7pm;free)

01.29.11 Another 90s Party: 90201

01.30.11 Team Karaoke Dance Party with BSTARR (9pm; free)

02.01.11 Timbuck2uesdays featuring Timbuck2 | DJ Izzo (9pm; free)

02.02.11 Pizza Pizza Wednesdays featuring DJ Ryan Weinstein (free)

02.03.11 DJ Tesha (7pm; free)

02.03.11 Temper Featuring Jillionaire | Sondido Rampage Y Nader | Brookah | Sparkletone (free until 11pm, $3)

02.04.11 ‘No Future’ with DJ Kevin Smith (7pm; free)

02.05.11 ‘Transfusion’ with DJ Ryan Weinstein (7pm;free)

02.08.11 Timbuck2uesdays featuring Timbuck2 | DJ Izzo (9pm; free)

02.09.11 ‘Cats in the Bag’ presents Pizza Pizza Wednesday featuring DJ Rachel Hinsdale (free)

02.10.11 DJ Tesha (7pm; free)

02.10.11 Dominique Young Unique (free)

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