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Sevendust going strong on Music as a Weapon Tour V

Rockford Metro Centre – Rockford, IL

Sevendust is

Lajon Witherspoon – Vocals
Morgan Rose – Drums/ backing vocals
John Connolly – Rhythm Guitar/backing vocals
Vince Hornsby – Bass
Clint Lowery – Lead Guitar/backing vocals

Sevendust is one of those bands that keeps making great music and they show  the love for their fans every night they are on stage. Tonight was no exception. Being a fan since the late 90’s and seeing them open up for Kid Rock & Metallica in 98′, to this summers’ Carnival of Madness tour, they have not skipped a beat.

Sevendust opened the set with “Black.” I had to look twice when I noticed Clint was not playing tonight. In his place was B.C. Kochmit, who plays in the band, Eye Empire,  with Clint’s brother, Corey. Clint is off being a new dad to his newborn son until Feb 1st.

Lajon got the crowd going during the brief, but powerful set of 7 songs and left the crowd wanting more.

If you have not seen Sevendust headline a show, then you are missing out on a great band. The smaller time slots they have been doing lately with bigger tours like Music is Weapon & Carnival have not allowed them to unleash their full force and will leaving you craving more. They ended the set with “Praise” and the vocal battle of Lajon & Morgan doing “Face to Face.”  The duel ignited the mosh pits, and warmed up fans  for what Korn and Disturbed had in store.

After the set, Sevendust came out to sign stuff for the fans and had a line waiting to see them close to a block long. I believe this is how a band maintains its fan base after so many years. The fans are never forgotten.

Forever Dead
Face to Face

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge photos:

Sevendust on the Net:

Official Site
written by Peter Lizano

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  1. Vanessa Bond says:

    Great photos! Sevendust is an incredible band of musicians. Always a blast live in concert. Don’t miss this tour!

  2. Chef says:

    Iv’e toured with some big names in the business,( just as a personal chef ) but these men are so powerful they seem to be on the verge of taering the very fabric of the universe itself! It’s something to see & experience…..this fucking shit is nuts!

  3. Ang says:

    Sevendust is the “F” bomb! They’ve been my fav band since “Home”! Always put on a Blast of a show, what I’m not happy about is Why do I see no tour date’s in Florida on the “Music As A Weapon Tour V”? 3 of my fav band’s are head lining…WTF???? )O:

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