Americans’ White EP Makes Me Blue

The Americans
The White EP

The AmericansYou gotta like white bread and vanilla shakes with a hint of Jeff Lynne dashed in to really get behind The Americans’ sophomore release “The White EP.”

The fact that no less than Sean Lennon is their corner – and they had the audacity to play off the iconic eponymous album often referred to as “The White Album” one would expect more humor – at least more tongues planted in cheeks.

Ironically they don’t seem like they are having any fun at all except on the opening of “Rooftop Love” where the harmonies soar and you can almost hear the smiles. The backing vocals on “Rooftop Love” sound like they were fun to record, but for the most part The Americans kind of come off as smug hipsters who are trying to appeal to as many people as possible – while falling somewhat short of appealing to anyone for more than a few bars per song.

Releasing an EP – to me – is a waste. With the ease and affordability of recording these days – releasing six or eight songs is kind of a money grab. When you throw in the ambitious range of “The White EP” a few more songs may have completed their aural picture allowing the listened a fuller understanding of their direction.

With six songs – and a lot going on (some works some does not) all the listener gets is confused and – in my case – turned off. While they are talented musicians – they need focus and direction – even if it means cutting Sean Lennon loose and figuring out who they are.

Stand Out Track
Rooftop Love

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