For a Good Time Call Brad!

Brad Paisley – H2O Frozen Over Tour
Resch Center – Green Bay, WI

All Photos by Paul Weber

Ok so the big news from last night was some quarterback from a certain football team that’s going to lose on Sunday joined Brad onstage for “Still a Guy.” Yeah…Go Bears!

Now that that is out of the way, Brad’s H2O Frozen Over Tour kicked off in Green Bay last night. Brad sure didn’t disappoint especially with stage presence and pleasing his fans. There was a catwalk in the middle of the stage along with two mini runways off to each side of the stage. The two runways on the side of the stages actually dipped into the crowd. For those who purchased floor tickets looked very happy as Brad, with guitar in hand, walked right into the crowd on the floor.

The stage antics didn’t end there. The show also featured a life-size puppet of Brad. In true Paisley form, the videos that running on the back screens as he plays are down-right-out hilarious, thus the puppet. You’ll understand when you purchase your ticket and head to the show.

Brad also brought a pool along that was turned into a stage. For those die-hard, yet on a budget, Paisley fans, there isn’t a bad seat in the house, and Brad makes sure of that with all the ramps and the pool stage near the back of the arena. The man knows how to put on a show.

During the set Brad tells the crowd he’s bringing the tour back for the summer. He also called Keith Urban and Kenny Chesney “Wusses” for not playing Green Bay in the winter. Brad also paid tribute to the Packers in one of the video montages. I guess there is a reason why they completely skipped over Chicago, because I don’t know how he would explain himself. I kid….maybe. As mentioned before Aaron Rodgers did join Brad onstage for “Still a Guy.” Aarron looked lost trying to keep up with the singing. He eventually gave up and just started hi-fiving the crowd. I wouldn’t quit your day job Aaron, oh I take that back! Maybe you should and before Sunday please.

Did I mention it was in the negatives outside last night? This was truly the “Frozen Over Tour.”

Don’t forget to check out photos from his openers Darius Rucker and Jerrod Niemann.

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Brad on the H2O Frozen Over Tour:

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