Choose Trapt’s Next Single with New Facebook App!

Platinum-selling rock band debuts new Facebook application

Multi-Platinum rock band TRAPT has just released a new Facebook application that offers their fans something new and special. This application not only allows fans to stream their entire current album No Apologies, but it also has a feature that allows fans to pick the album’s next single.

View the app here:

Over the past decade, TRAPT has scored a string of hits, beginning with 2002’s  Billboard alternative song of the decade “Headstrong” and continuing through “Sound Off”, the lead single from No Apologies.

Anyone who installs the app to their Facebook  profile will be able to vote on which song from No Apologies TRAPT takes to the radio airwaves next. This is one of the first times that a major artist has allowed their fans to control something this important through a social media platform. When the application is shared, it leaves a message on the user’s news stream (viewable to all their friends) stating that they have just voted for TRAPT’s new single. Fans can also use the application to view TRAPT’s upcoming tour dates.

No Apologies was released last October and debuted in the Top Ten of Billboard’s Rock Albums chart.

The members of TRAPT are: Chris Taylor Brown (lead vocals), Peter Charell (bass) Aaron Montgomery (drums) and Robb Torres (lead guitar).

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